The Visual Music blog gathers snap shot of websites that document work, artists, filmmakers, composers, musicians, video artists, exhibitions, call for worlds and events that work with the art and medium of visual and sound. All forms and presentations are considered. This blog contains an extensive archive as it has been active since 2005.

Kanto Horio - Audio-Visual Works. Example here is EM#2. "A large cylindrical electromagnet is connected to an audio amplifier, used as electrical power amplifier: audio signals input into the amplifier cause significant rise in the magnetic field. A large number of metallic paper clips are set under the electromagnet that is dangled on a mic stand: audio signals actuate the clips.
Various patterns of paper clip motion are generated by different frequencies of the audio signal. In this live performance, the state of the paper clips filmed with a video camera is displayed in real time on a large screen behind the performer.