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Reconstruction of the Ballet triadico 1970 by Margarete Hastings

Reconstruction of Ballet Tradico from the Margarete Hastings sketches.

A very interesting website (in French) - an online research website of the work of Oskar Schlemmer at:

A really interesting seminar - Rerunning Ballet Tradico Seminar
"the seminar is intended as a space for reflection on the creation stage, particularly on what some call "broad-ranging dance reconstruction" and that we are more interested in the processes that determine results, we have called "rerunning" a term that assumes more open as interpreter of anyone who wants to rerun a past stage work."

Video of the reconstruction of Triadic Ballet made ​​by Margarete Hastings in 1970. The full video lasts 32 minutes. This version was advised by Ludwig Grote and XanthiSchawinsky (students Schlemmer at the Bauhaus) and Tut Schlemmer, OskarSchlemmer's widow. The music is by Erich Ferstl. It is divided into three parts: yellow, pink and black. IN MANY WEB SITES (INCLUDING YOU TUBE), THIS VERSIONAPPEARS TO DATE "1927", WHICH HAS MANY BELIEVE THAT THE ORIGINALVERSION MOUNT FOR TWENTY YEARS IN SCHLEMMER. NOT, THIS VERSIONIS NOT MOUNTED TO TWENTY YEARS IN SCHLEMMER BUT MADE FORRECONSTRUCTION FROM THE HASTINGS SKETCHES, PHOTOGRAPHS ANDDOCUMENTS SCHLEMMER.