The Visual Music blog gathers snap shot of websites that document work, artists, filmmakers, composers, musicians, video artists, exhibitions, call for worlds and events that work with the art and medium of visual and sound. All forms and presentations are considered. This blog contains an extensive archive as it has been active since 2005.

Visual Music Research

Some useful links to research being carried out in the visual music and audio visual art/ media fields. Please contact Maura if you have links to your research that could be linked to here for those interested in visual music research. Email:

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Useful books

Audiovisuology: See this Sound (2010) - publisher link
See This Sound: Promises of Sound and Vision (2009) - Amazon Link
Audio.Visual - On Visual Music and Related Media (2009) - publisher link
Media Art Histories (2007) -
Visual Music (2005) - Amazon link
Computer Music Journal: Visual Music (2005) -
Optical Poetry (2004) -

Sonic Graphics (2002) -
Audio-vision: Sound on Screen (1994) -
The Film Work of Norman McLaren - publisher link