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Winterreise: A Winter's Journey - Video Accompaniement

Winterreise: A Winter's Journey - Video Accompaniement by Mariele Neudecker, June 2003

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Update to blog post: May 2011

"Winterreise: A Winter's Journey
8 June 2003
Courtyard Theatre

Through music of exceptional beauty, Schubert's Winterreise takes us inside the mind of a rejected lover who travels from the door of his beloved into a frozen landscape of snow-covered roads, hovering crows and deserted villages.

Opera North and Leeds City Art Gallery have commissioned a visual accompaniment to the music from Mariele Neudecker, an internationally acclaimed visual artist working in video, sculpture and installation. This is her first collaborative musical project made for live performance.

Music: Franz Schubert
Words: Wilhelm Müller
Bass-baritone: Andrew Foster-Williams
Piano: Christopher Gould
Film: Mariele Neudecker"


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Video artist: Mariele Neudecker
Mariele Neudecker's documentation of the project:

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