A Taste of Synaesthesia - Art Exhibition - London

Nine Lyrae Productions in collaboration with Brunel University London in celebration of the 2023 Artist in Residence. UK Synaesthesia Association and @journeythroughthesenses present an International Synaesthesia Art Exhibition titled - A Taste of Synaesthesia.  Immerse yourself in a world of digital art, video projections, discussions, and live performances—all set against a synesthetic backdrop. 


"In this showcase, over 20 international artists will unveil their synesthetic experiences through a variety of art forms. Join us to rediscover the world through a different lens and savour just a Taste of Synaesthesia."

WHEN: Friday 27th October, 2023 
WHERE: Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, London SE1 9PH,
Free admission,  RSVP on website: https://www.ninelyraeproductions.com/


The exhibition consists of a: 
Digital Art Showcase Artists Exhibiting: Gaby Cardoso, Cristian Matias Cuchian, Maria Jose De Cordoba Serrano, Leonore Egbert, Umut Eldem, Carrie C Firman, Kate Flurrie, Christy Gurley, Zsolt Gyenes, Carolyn CC Hart, Michael Haverkamp, Timothy B Layden, Ann Le Pore, Maura Mc Donnell, Sam Moore, Valeria Perboni, Svetlana Rudenko, Carol Steen, Tamas Wata Varga, James Wannerton, Ninghui Xiong 
Sound Art Installations
Artists exhibiting: Ruaidhri Mannion, Jake Landau, Christopher Schlechte-Bond 
Artist in Residence Installation "Bridge" 
By Valeria Perboni
Journey Through the Senses
Artists exhibiting: Lucas Masoch, Martynenkova and Mienciuk,Tim Thompson, Raewyn Turner and Brian Harris, Marina WitteMann 
Immersive Installation 
By Valeria Perboni and Piotr Grzesiak 
Education Panel
Synaesthesia Documentary SYNscape
Dance Performance Cycloma Ad Astra
“Scents of Home” Synaesthesia Performance