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PAPER: Julie Watkins - Composing Visual Music - Published 2018

Julie Watkins, a practicing visual music artist and theories the in field published the following paper, 'Composing Visual Music: Visual Music Practice at the Intersection of Technology, Audio-visual Rhythms and Human Traces' in 2018. It is published by the Body, Space & Technology journal and is available to read on their website. Read Online: This article is an excellent article on Visual Music and it raises several theoretical ideas as well as analysis of the author's own visual music practice and research intertwined with a very rich source of references to key texts and works in the field. Harvard Citation: Watkins, J., 2018. Composing Visual Music: Visual Music Practice at the Intersection of Technology, Audio-visual Rhythms and Human Traces. Body, Space & Technology, 17(1), pp.51–75. DOI: Reservoir Image retrieved from   Copyright 2014 by Julie

Sound & Image Aesthetics and Practices - 360º Exhibition Tour - 2020

2020 marks the fifth year of the SOUND/IMAGE colloquium held at University of Greenwich, London. For 2020, the colloquium is celebrating the publicat… Read more

SeenSound Visual Music

The SeenSound: Visual/Music series provides a space for the presentation of short visual/music works.  "SeenSound is a regular monthly event in… Read more

Seeing Sound Symposium 2020 - Online

Seeing Sound is an informal practice-led symposium exploring multimedia work which foregrounds the relationship between sound and image. It explores… Read more

ARTIST: Timo Kahlen - Sound Sculptor and Media Art

Timo Kahlen - Intermedia Sound sculptor and media artist Timo Kahlen (* 1966) has been creating subtle, intriguing, eye- and earcatching, temporary m… Read more

DEBUT EP: Ciclos and Music Video by Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee,  a producer / DJ from Los Angeles currently based in Quito, Ecuador   has just recently released her debut EP Ciclos  [October 16, 2020] … Read more

PROJECT: Snoösphere responsive art installation

Lull Studio Lull Studio is a transdisciplinary creative practice that crosscuts art, science and city cultures, we are inspired by pop culture, the f… Read more

PROJECTS: Playmodes - Generative Visual Music Jukebox

The highly innovative and excellent Playmodes team create innovative projects crossing art, technology, science, research and code.  Their website pl… Read more

ARTIST: L. P. Ponor - Art Music Collaborations

Check out the exquisite experimental animations created by L.P. PONOR for their  art/music and video projects.   MESH: L.P. Ponor (Nick Janczak – tru… Read more

ARTIST: Alba G. Corral

I have been following Alba G. Corral's visual work for many years and her powerful and stunning visual work for live audio-visual performances. … Read more

ARTIST: Zsolt Gyenes

Zsolt Gyenes is an intermedia artist and art theorist based in Hungary.  I have been following Gyenes work on facebook and the images that he regula… Read more

Punto y Rya 2020 - Festival for Abstract Film - Call for Works

The Punto y Rya Festival have put out their international call for works. They are looking for abstract films and are open to Abstract / Non-Represe… Read more

Pre-order: Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practices (Sound Design) 2020

The Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practices book edited by Andrew Knight-Hill is available to pre-order on the Routledge website and on Amazon.  It… Read more

Boogie Stomp Pink - Stuart Pond

Boogie Stomp Pink I saw this gem of a work at the Sound / Image 2019 Symposium at University of Greenwich, London in November 2019 and loved it. … Read more

Stages by Paul Klooren

Stages by Paul Klooren I saw this recently at the Sound Image 2019 Symposium held at the University of Greenwich.  I really enjoyed the mixture o… Read more

In Situ - site inspired audiovisual performances

About In Situ EnsembIe "The In Situ Ensemble is comprised of three performer-composers: Michael Janz on synthesizers, Ian Stahl on gui… Read more

New Online Resource - CVM Collections and Archive - Patreon Channel

The Center for Visual Music ( CVM ) has set up a a library, gallery and archive of the history of Visual Music at Patreon. Become a member at… Read more

László Moholy-Nagy: ABC in Sound / Tönendes ABC (1933) | BFI National Archives

BFI - restoration from archive. "Missing for over 80 years, this experimental film by Bauhaus teacher and artist László Moholy-Nagy was foun… Read more

D.D. Jameson - Colour Music (1844)

D.D. Jameson devised a systematic approach to create a colour music score for a specially adapted piano. His scores took the information from a… Read more

Visual Music Book- Out Now (2018) by Adriano Abbado

BOOK: Visual Music Masters: Abstract Explorations: History and Contemporary Research Author: Adriano Abbado 2018 Adriano Abbado’s recent publication … Read more

Call for Paper Submissions - Exploring and Preserving Visual Music Symposium PRESS RELEASE from CVM: CFP: CVM Symposium 2018 Exploring and Preserving Visual Music … Read more

NEW: Oskar Fischinger DVD - Available to order at CVM

Oskar Fischinger: Visual Music CVM (Center for Visual Music) has just released a new Oskar Fischinger DVD available now to order from CVM, entit… Read more

Seeing Sound 2018 - Call for Works and Papers - Deadline EXTENDED to 24th January 2018

The bi-annual Seeing Sound Symposium is seeking works and papers for its forthcoming symposium to be held in Bath Spa University, UK The deadline … Read more

Louis M. Brill - Lumia Projections

Louis M. Brill’s "Lumia projections are very special if presented in a very slow undulating movement as the light forms unfold, shape shifting f… Read more

David Hockney Exhibtions

There are a number of David Hockney exhibitions taking place soon. The  Metropolitan Museum of Art  is scheduled to exhibit  David Hockney , which sh… Read more

Call for Works - Sound / Image 2017

The University of Greenwich, London is looking for submissions for the forthcoming Colloquium to take place 10-12 November 2017 Through a series of c… Read more

MuVi 5 - Call for Works

MuVi5: International exhibition of video and moving image on synesthesia and visual music Palacio Abacial y Convento de Capuchinos, Alcalá la Real, J… Read more

Luca De Rosso - AV0

A most interesting and exciting project conceived by Luca De Rosso. AVO is a audiovisual performance work that explores live human-computer collabor… Read more


Urban Projections performs at Splice Festival - the UK’s only dedicated audiovisual performing arts festival which runs from 26-28 May 2017. http://w… Read more