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Crash Ensemble - [R E A C T I O N S] - Ireland

New Music Dublin 2021 New Music Dublin was held online this year. Several musicians, music ensembles, artists, producers, composers brought us over 15 virtual performances with 33 world premieres of new music compositions and it was streamed on A quote of the sheer effort to bring this festival to fruition is below. So New Music Dublin 2021 is, explicitly, a festival for lockdown conditions. It’s a set of ideas, a programme made up of solutions to the question posed above: how do we make music together, when we can’t be together? These solutions stretch from how to get orchestras back together – both on stage, and remotely – through to making music individually, and from music beamed-over-thousands-of-miles internationally, to wholly unobserved and unwitnessed private music-making. Every event in New Music Dublin is framed and presented in this spirit of exploration, enquiry and engagement, of existing despite the existential threats we all face. Sour

Ion Concert Media - Visuals synced for Live Music Concerts

A really interesting development for a multimedia company to provide music concert visuals that you can purchase online. Ion Concert Media is a multi… Read more

Freska and AUJIK music video collaboration - Flows

An interesting visual exploring a type of digital nature in the new music project "Flows" recently released by Freska and with music video … Read more

ARTIST FOCUS: Alberto Novello - JesterN

Alberto Novello is a new media artist and visual music composer who uses laser, modified CRT monitors and oscilloscopes to create audiovisual composi… Read more

PAPER: Julie Watkins - Composing Visual Music - Published 2018

Julie Watkins, a practicing visual music artist and theories the in field published the following paper, 'Composing Visual Music: Visual Music Pr… Read more

Sound & Image Aesthetics and Practices - 360º Exhibition Tour - 2020

2020 marks the fifth year of the SOUND/IMAGE colloquium held at University of Greenwich, London. For 2020, the colloquium is celebrating the publicat… Read more

SeenSound Visual Music

The SeenSound: Visual/Music series provides a space for the presentation of short visual/music works.  "SeenSound is a regular monthly event in… Read more

Seeing Sound Symposium 2020 - Online

Seeing Sound is an informal practice-led symposium exploring multimedia work which foregrounds the relationship between sound and image. It explores… Read more

ARTIST: Timo Kahlen - Sound Sculptor and Media Art

Timo Kahlen - Intermedia Sound sculptor and media artist Timo Kahlen (* 1966) has been creating subtle, intriguing, eye- and earcatching, temporary m… Read more

DEBUT EP: Ciclos and Music Video by Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee,  a producer / DJ from Los Angeles currently based in Quito, Ecuador   has just recently released her debut EP Ciclos  [October 16, 2020] … Read more

PROJECT: Snoösphere responsive art installation

Lull Studio Lull Studio is a transdisciplinary creative practice that crosscuts art, science and city cultures, we are inspired by pop culture, the f… Read more

PROJECTS: Playmodes - Generative Visual Music Jukebox

The highly innovative and excellent Playmodes team create innovative projects crossing art, technology, science, research and code.  Their website pl… Read more

ARTIST: L. P. Ponor and MUSICIAN: Nick Janczak - "There Is No More There Any More" - Art Music/Collaborations.

Check out the exquisite experimental animations created by artist: L.P. PONOR and musician: NICK JANCZAK for their art/music and video projects.  The… Read more

ARTIST: Alba G. Corral

I have been following Alba G. Corral's visual work for many years and her powerful and stunning visual work for live audio-visual performances. … Read more

ARTIST: Zsolt Gyenes

Zsolt Gyenes is an intermedia artist and art theorist based in Hungary.  I have been following Gyenes work on facebook and the images that he regula… Read more

Punto y Rya 2020 - Festival for Abstract Film - Call for Works

The Punto y Rya Festival have put out their international call for works. They are looking for abstract films and are open to Abstract / Non-Represe… Read more

Pre-order: Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practices (Sound Design) 2020

The Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practices book edited by Andrew Knight-Hill is available to pre-order on the Routledge website and on Amazon.  It… Read more

Boogie Stomp Pink - Stuart Pond

Boogie Stomp Pink I saw this gem of a work at the Sound / Image 2019 Symposium at University of Greenwich, London in November 2019 and loved it. … Read more

Stages by Paul Klooren

Stages by Paul Klooren I saw this recently at the Sound Image 2019 Symposium held at the University of Greenwich.  I really enjoyed the mixture o… Read more

In Situ - site inspired audiovisual performances

About In Situ EnsembIe "The In Situ Ensemble is comprised of three performer-composers: Michael Janz on synthesizers, Ian Stahl on gui… Read more

New Online Resource - CVM Collections and Archive - Patreon Channel

The Center for Visual Music ( CVM ) has set up a a library, gallery and archive of the history of Visual Music at Patreon. Become a member at… Read more

László Moholy-Nagy: ABC in Sound / Tönendes ABC (1933) | BFI National Archives

BFI - restoration from archive. "Missing for over 80 years, this experimental film by Bauhaus teacher and artist László Moholy-Nagy was foun… Read more

D.D. Jameson - Colour Music (1844)

D.D. Jameson devised a systematic approach to create a colour music score for a specially adapted piano. His scores took the information from a… Read more

Visual Music Book- Out Now (2018) by Adriano Abbado

BOOK: Visual Music Masters: Abstract Explorations: History and Contemporary Research Author: Adriano Abbado 2018 Adriano Abbado’s recent publication … Read more

Call for Paper Submissions - Exploring and Preserving Visual Music Symposium PRESS RELEASE from CVM: CFP: CVM Symposium 2018 Exploring and Preserving Visual Music … Read more

NEW: Oskar Fischinger DVD - Available to order at CVM

Oskar Fischinger: Visual Music CVM (Center for Visual Music) has just released a new Oskar Fischinger DVD available now to order from CVM, entit… Read more