OSKAR FISCHINGER: SPACE LIGHT ART—A FILM ENVIRONMENT JUNE 28–OCTOBER 28, 2012 Whitney Museum, Los Angeles "This exhibition presents one of the first multimedia projections ever made—Oskar Fischinger’s Raumlichtkunst (Space Light Art), a recreation of his multiple-screen film events first shown in Germany in 1926, recently restored by the Center for Visual Music in Los Angeles. Radical in its format, its multiple screens of abstract shapes, color, and light produced an experience that, in Fischinger’s own description of his work, created “an intoxication by light from a thousand sources.” Source and for more information visit: Visit Center for Visual Music (CVM) events page for more visual music exhibitio…

Samadhi by David West
David West's very beautiful piece exploring that luminous quality of light and colour. "Samadhi is a visual music work that is a tribute to the films of computer graphic pioneers, John and James Whitney. The term 'samadhi' is a Sanskrit term for a higher level of awareness. The graphics were produced in Autodesk Maya using fluids and particles." The soundtrack is called 'Evolution' by Absorption Youtube embed