Pedro Mari/ Defetto - πάντα ῥει
Pedro Mari/ Defetto Very beautiful harmonious colour - very musical, like the harmonics available in a music tone. These images are as beautiful still as they are in motion. source image: see also flickr: "Everything is subject to change. The harmony of things is contained in their perennial change. This change is not random or chaotic; it is governed by precise rhythms. πάντα ῥει is an eternal flow, constantly evolving, never equal to himself." source: Vimeo embed (silent) πάντα ῥει from defetto on Vimeo . Website: vimeo:  http://vi…

Awork // Mikołaj Pasiński - Awake
Visual artist - Video artist - Awork // Mikołaj Pasiński hypnotic neon like imagery - a kind of beat video - forwards, backwards motion, light filled colour.  Colour with a hint of volume, graphical figures with a slight sense of depth.  Lovely (I am in a one word, adjective type description mode these days!) Awake Awake from Awork // Mikołaj Pasiński on Vimeo . Minimal music vs minimal visualisation. Music: Emptyset - Awake Picture: Mikołaj Pasiński

Staub Leben - Live reactive environment.
Arístides García Staub Leben - Live reactive environment This is quite incredible - in its drama, and visual impact and performance.  Staub Leben Vimeo Link   Staub Leben from lasal on Vimeo . Credits for project on vimeo link  "UdK Berlin, Intermediales Bewegungslabor. Campus-Kollision, Januar 2012, HZT-Uferstudios. Prof. Nik Haffner: Projektleitung. Arístides García: Projektleitung, Konzept, Programmierung. Nikola Pieper: Technische Leitung. Körper: Emilia Pfohl, Marine Bertrand, Hanne Müller, Marieke Hohberge, Swann Nowak. Juan Gabriel Harcha : Tanzer. Hannes Mück : Kamera." Arístides García - website link

Richard Lainhart - Wonderful Audio Visual Compositions
Richard Lainhart's audio visual work I have been a fan of, ever since I encountered one of my favourite audio visual works, Pneuma.  I have already blogged about this work previously.  I am very saddened to hear that Richard died on the 30th December, 2011.  So as a tribute to him and his wonderful piece Pneuma, I am reposting it here and am very saddened to hear this news. PNEUMA - Richard Lainhart Pneuma from Richard Lainhart on Vimeo . "Pneuma" is based on growth patterns generated by celluar automata software, processed in Adobe After Effects to create constantly changing structures ranging from the crystalline to the architectural. The soundtrack is a live improvisation on the Buchla 200e analog modular synth…