Video Poetry - A work that is determined by the poetic eloquence of the images

onedotzero - perspectives 06: new directions in documentary

Amazing Filmmaker - Michiel Van Bakel (Netherlands) - video clip of amazing equestrian online

Valie Export - Train

Jiffy-Squid Reviews
Jiffy-Squid Reviews - Great links

Invisible Adversaries - Valie Export

Valie Export - Seeing and Hearing Space

Luigi Veronesi

Road Trip - Short Film composed of 12,397 pictures - Interesting film by Sebastien Chevrel

S�bastien Chevrel - Artist, Designer, Programmer focusing on interactive media

Meredith Monk - Opera and Musical Theater Works

Independent Exposure
DVD Independent Exposure Animation DVD 2005

Microcinema - DVD
DVD - Microcinema - Indepedent Exposure Animation Edition 2005

Bakel, Michiel Van - Equestrian - Programme notes and link to preview

Bakel, Michiel Van - Amazing Filmmaker - Video Clip Preview of the beautiful "Equestrian" (2003)

Resonant Objects - Sound and Space through physical phenomenon

networked_performance - Research Blog

meta - very beautiful visual (and music) work - digital manipulation of voice

Suguru Goto - Composer and Multimedia Artist

John E Bower - Composer - - Beautiful track on soundlab

supercollider - realtime sound synthesis server

soundlab - some beautiful music

Composer Eldad Tsabary, Composer and Sound Artist - Beautiful track "Unearthly Sadness" available on the soundlab website

Monome 40h on YouTube
Jesse Kriss - "The monome 40h running ksd which is something I designed to stimulate an interest of music in my children." URL:

BLOG - Matrixsynth
Matrixsynth - Everything Synth Matrixsynth

MIDI-Powered Robotic Ballet Mechanique Raises Ruckus at National Gallery of Art - More Photos From the Performance

MIDI-Powered Robotic Ballet Mechanique Raises Ruckus at National Gallery of Art - Article by Create Digital Music

Ballet Mechanique @ Dada Exhibit
Video Clip Excerpt of MIDI-Powered Robotic Ballet Mechanique Raises Ruckus at National Gallery of Art, Washington DC taken by Evan Cordes at YouTube of URL:

The Monome is a new music interface with LED-backlit pads, a USB interface that transmits OSC and MIDI data to a computer, and � here�s the unusual part � open source, hackable firmware and software interface. Touch the pads, and you can use this as a step-sequencer and remix tool (as in the example), but the real philosophy here is being able to do whatever you want, so think of the example video as just a start.

jklabs - Art + Technology // Design + Code - Jesse Kriss website

The History of Sampling by Jesse Kriss - MAy 2004. Built with Processing

Visual Scratch

Visual Scratch: Live Laptop Visualization of Scratching

Another Bizarre Music Keyboard

C!b0rg5 Blog
Blog that discusses resources in relation to music and cognition and media related topics C!b0rg5

Jon Spencer on the thermin
From Chab33 on YouTube URL:

Varese & Le Corbusier - Poeme electronique -1958
Uploaded to YouTube by chab33 Link to video on YouTube Embedded YouTube Video here: For information visit: Media Art Net

3 eyes - Toner - Experimenting with pipe resonance phenomenon, networked objects and cosmology...

AVDJ deck (Audio-Visual-Disk-Jockey)

Dalbin - Resources Pages
Dalbin - Resources Pages

die gestalten
die gestalten

Bill Fontana - Harmonic Bridge - Website

Bill Fontana: Harmonic Bridge - 16 June - 16 July 2006

Mods and Rockers - Audio and Video Installation - Video Clips

Manfred Mohr - Space, Color, Motion

Manfred Mohr - Space Motion