Steve Beck - Illuminated music
Steve Beck - Illuminated Music "The composition itself was considered a form of “visual jazz” by Beck, in that the basic visual structure of the work remained in place from performance to performance, yet subject to the visual themes and variations changing in each interpretation. Two of the Illuminated Music performances by Beck and Jepson were broadcast nationally on the PBS network as part of the “Videospace Electronic Notebooks” series produced by the National Center for Experiments in Television. "Illuminated Music" first emerged as both a neologism and a live performance on KQED TV in San Francisco on May 19, 1972, when Beck preformed live, on the air with his Beck Direct Video Synthesizer to the jazz music "Like It Is" by the master of j…

Thomas Wilfred - Light Art
Website about Thomas Wilfred - light art Thomas Wilfred [Danish-American; 1889 - 1968] was a pioneer in developing what he called Lumia, the art of light. "A Wilfred Lumia work is a composition of light, color, and form which changes slowly with time. It exhibits a very wide range of light intensity and a broad spectrum of delicate colors and shapes. These are extremely difficult to record and impossible to "play back" with fidelity, even using a high quality monitor. Thus you cannot experience the full, almost visceral, impact of his work unless you see it in person. Unfortunately, there are only approximately 35 of his works in existence and these are rarely displayed publicly. So here we attempt to convey, however feebly, some "feel" for the…

The Scientific Graphics Project
The Scientific Graphics Project The Geometry hierarchy treats subjects in differential geometry, primarily related to surfaces, from a pure mathematics perspective. The Scientific Graphics Project see also with left side index: Contributors Several people have contributed to the research represented here on the Scientific Graphic Project website. The original design of this site was by James T. Hoffman. David Hoffman James T. Hoffman Matthias Weber Martin Trazet Meinhard Wohlgemuth Eric Boix Michael Callahan Ed Thayer Fusheng Wei

Topological Slide - Michael Scroggins - Stewart Dickson
Michael Scroggins - Immersive VR and Absolute Animation Art and Virtual Environments Project "Mathematicians often describe the nature of certain topological surfaces by describing what it would be like to "take a walk" on the surface. The Topological Slide uses immersive virtual reality technology to provide this type of direct sensual experience. "The 'rider' will wear a head mounted display enabling an interactive wide-angle stereo view of a three-dimensional space. The space will consist of a model of a topological surface to which the platform is bound and upon which it is free to slide. The 'rider' may traverse the model's surface by leaning in the direction in which she desires to move. The amount of lean in a given…

Michael Scroggins - Immersive VR and Absolute Animation

Evening of Visual Music Films - May 1 2005 Los Angeles

An Evening of Visual Music Films - CVM and LA Filmforum US - 2005
Evening of Visual Music Films - May 1 2005 Los Angeles LA Filmforum and CVM ( Center for Visual Music ) presented "Visual Music Films" - from German pioneers to psychedelia to current day Visual Music. Presented in conjunction with the Visual Music show at MOCA. Program included: Light Rhythm s, Francis Bruguiere, 1930 Study No. 6 , Oskar Fischinger, 1930 Tanz der Farben (Dance of the Colors) , Hans Fischinger, 1939 Peyote Queen , Storm De Hirsch, 1965 Cibernetik 5.3 , John Stehura, 1960-65 Heavy Light , Adam Beckett, 1973 Cycles , Jordan Belson and Stephen Beck, 1975 Power Spot , Michael Scroggins, 1986 A Sense of Wonder , Devon Damonte, 1987 Passage , Bärbel Neubauer, 2002 Zygote and Xylo , Chris Casady, 2005 Helios , Mondi, 2005 Green Violet/Reflecto , G…

Art of Decision Project - Fionnuala Conway

Video Clip - Gilbert and George - Portrait of the Artist as Young Men (1972)

Gilbert and George in Focus - the absurd

Matthias Hoene - Music Video Director


Ted Apel - Irresonance - Sound Installation


Tony Martin - paintings and art works using light

Wow and Flutter - October 2004

EMPAC - experimental media and performing arts center

Butterfly - Glenn Marshall

sub_friction - interactive sound installation - Pedro Rebelo

Oscillation - 3D animation, saxophone, real-time sound processing, motion capture data
Oscillation - Addressing issues for designing a new work for saxophonist and digital media - Collaboration - 3D animation, saxophone, real-time sound processing, motion capture data Collaboration between Franziska Schroeder, Pedro Rebelo, Peter Nelson "We address issues raised in designing a new work for saxophonist and digital media involving 3D motion capture technology. A saxophonist's kinaesthetics are recorded with a 3D motion capture system, and used as control data in the real-time processing of sound and 3D visuals. We address current gesture research and propose an extension to current gesture taxonomies. Linguistics have been taken as a basis for analysis of communication in musical processes, and serve as a fundamental reference in our discussion. …

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Pixel 3 - collaboration in image and music
Pixel 3 - a collaboration between French Artists Vincent Epplay and Antoine Schmitt "Pixel 3, a collaboration between French artists Vincent Epplay and Antoine Schmitt, featured moving white shapes on a black background.....reminiscent of Oskar Fischinger's experimental film studies of time and motion." "Epplay improvises playing sound and music against reactive semi-autonomous audio and visual scenes programmed by Antoine Schmitt who modulates them live"

Radiographic - aesthetic between aural and visual
Radiographic - aesthetic between aural and visual " ‘Radiographic’ applies the same approach to creating and discussing audio as we would image. Following this line of inquiry, the medium of radio has the propensity to a very particular aesthetic, from the woolly quality of the medium, long-wave frequencies to the hyper real production values of current pop. Specific stations have a particular aesthetic too, from BBC Radio 1’s throwaway immediacy to the steady dulcet lullaby of Radio 4’s information relay. This aural aesthetic is the basis of ‘Radiographic’, though this is by no means a purely aural exhibition. Rather it aims to explore the crossovers, parallels and happy coincid…

Beginning, Middle & End - Exploring Narrative " Every narrative moves from its beginning to a middle and a conclusive end. Usually. The artists in this show offer narratives that are far from complete, in which we are unsure at what point we have entered the story’s timeline, beginning, middle or end.   On the ground floor and throughout the stairwells,  Matthew Richardson ’s groupings of objects and gestures imply associations or meanings, through their very particular choice and arrangement. Through their juxtapositions Richardson makes, the significance of one object is altered by another. The Statue of Liberty is dwarfed by a human hair (or the hair is made giant by the statue); an arbitrary date in the future becomes …

Book - Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality (2002)

Leonardo Book - Art At A Distance - Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet

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Aesthetics of the Digital -

Overview of Media Art -

491 Gallery - Regeneration arts project - UK