Iotacenter - Site of the Week - November 30th - 2009
The iotacenter are doing a very cool thing on their site - each week, they select a clip of the week, site of the week and artist of the week. Thanks to Derek Haugen of Iotacenter for selecting this Visual Music Blog as site of the week on November 30th. Visit: - iota at: Available at Amazon Visual Music from Iota: An Anthology of Contemporary Art, Vol. 1 (2006)

Visual Music Survey - Ilias Bergstrom
Visual Music Survey - Ilias Bergstrom This is a really worthwhile survey to fill out - it is great to see some research being done on Visual Music and Audiences, thanks Ilias for letting me know about this survey - do fill it out - as it's a great cause - Visual Music Some more information In order to find out which one of two different visual music technologies audiences prefer, Ilias has created an online survey for comparing them. Please take part by filling it out. The survey is reached using the link below, and should not take you more than 10-15 minutes to complete: Ilias will post all the details when the survey is closed. See also:

Sound and Image Event - Colchester, UK
A unique event encompassing film,artworks, music, live performance and interactive experiences in showcasing the world of *visual music. *Items included range from pioneering work in the field to new pieces created for the evening, from cutting-edge to humorous interpretation and from international prize winning items to local endeavour. "What does music look like? This is the question that Colchester music lecturer Julia Orpen is attempting to answer at The Headgate Theatre on Sunday 6th December. The event, entitled “ Sound and Image ” is part film show, part art show, part concert and is the result of eighteen months personal investigation that has led to both local and global collaboration. Sub-titled ‘ The World of Visual Music ’, the series of short films …