Sensorium 1 - Dublin - March 11th, 2011
S E N S O R I U M was a weeklong festival of new music from Irish and international artists featuring workshops, talks and a series of concerts. It included everything from electro-acoustic works and audio visual displays to improvisation, performance art and contemporary dance. The goal of Sensorium "is to show co-creative musical works in a structured curation intended to stimulate multiple senses and challenge the audience’s attention through changing aesthetics and perceptions". see: for the programme for the week Sensorium was curated by Judith Ring , Angie Atmadjaja and Emily Kalies I attended the Sensorium 1 night on friday, March 11th and really enjoyed the variety of works tha…

Nocci Composer
Experimental Audio Visual Live Performance Nocci Composer - Website Works Page Website Manifesto Work - Night of Experimental Avant Garde Music, New York Nocci F 02 from visualicious on Vimeo . See also: Nocci | Chika Live Set, Music Composer Nocci, Visual by Chika