Resonantie - How a resonance has his influence on rice

Sassernl Link to video available at Youtube:


Honekai You tube url:

Dr. Godfried-Willem RAES - Projects in Experimantal Instrument Building - "An Invisible Instrument"

Video - Small Room Tango

Steina Vasulka - Vocalisations (1990) - Projected Video Environment. "There is an integration of sound and image in which the singing voice of J…

Marina Abramovic - Talking about Similarity

David Hillel Art

David Hillel Art - " portrayal of depth and visual intrigue. Layers of colors and images are literally cast atop each other in clear resins. Cha…

Giovanni de Angelis - Luce dissolve

Steina Vasulka - Vocalisations (1990) - Projected Video Environment. "There is an integration of sound and image in which the singing voice of …

Ruben Rivera - Website for his paintings, digital art and animations

Ruben Rivera - Artist and Digital Artist

Ruben Rivera - animations online on his blog. Rub�n Rivera Excellent Animations Detritus Video at Veoh Embedded Video from veoh Tahino Spot …


Line Poem - thesystemis - powered by processing Picturing Family "an installation in ars electronica's museum of the future elevator. based …

OFFF Festival Barcelona

Futuresonic 2006 Festival - Manchester. "The 2006 festival takes place over three days traversing music and the arts, involving multiple and oft…

Zachary Lieberman - Drawn Installation - an installation for hands and ink, zachary lieberman (2006). "In the installation, visitors are invited…

Zachary Liberman - thesystemis

Kanto Horio - SusPapView - "This works is composed of actions such as crumple papers into a ball. These actions and sounds genereted by this pro…

Kanto Horio - Audio-Visual Works. Example here is EM#2. "A large cylindrical electromagnet is connected to an audio amplifier, used as electri…

A Cutting Poem - Ana Mar�a Uribe

On Lionel Kearns by Jim Andrews

Jim Andrews - Now Then

Jim Andrews - Nio and the art of interactive audio for the web

vispo - Langu(im)age: interactive, viusal and sound poetry by Jim Andrews

Toshio Iwai - interactive media artist

Toshio Iwai - interactive media artist

Electroplankton - product to "play" art and music by Toshio Iwai, made for Nintendo DS

Open Ended Group - Visionary of Theater


Corebounce is a collective of artists and scientists with the common goal of mediating between arts, science, and technology. We maintain a number of…

DVblog - video blog for quicktime movies

Steve Roden - finding words in notes

steve roden - finding words in notes (music for 6 hands), 2006 "finding words in notes" came out of the idea of the connection and separati…

Steve Roden

steve roden - sound installations. "the primary focus of my sound installations is the use of a singular non-traditional source for the creation…

Kaleidoscope by Filipe Viegas and Andre Goncalves

Kaleidoscope - by Filipe Viegas and Andre Goncalves. 2006 "Starting from the body of the dancer on stage and traveling to a deeper journey that …


A Bruit Secret - "A BRUIT SECRET produces and distributes sound experiments in the field of today's improvised music. "

steve roden

steve roden / in be tween noise "steve roden is a visual and sound artist from los angeles. his work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, fil…

non visual objects - label run by HERIBERT FRIEDL

Goliath Visual Space - Brooklyn

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space - Florida

Richard Garet

Richard Garet - "Richard Garet is a sound artist, video artist, and a painter whose sources of inspiration are nature�s processes and the relati…

addenda - video audio works

addenda - addenda is a web based forum for participants of the seasonal performance series. a new project is presented each month with visual and / o…

Surround: Installation - May 2006, Brooklyn

Surround: Installation/Performance works by Amnon Wolman, Richard Garet, and the EA collective. "Three new pieces that work at the boundary of …

Sean Kerr

sean kerr

Newmedia FX

Nicolas Schoffer - Teleluminoscope

NIcolas Schoffer - Teleluminoscope - 1978 Early form of video mixing. It creates live, abstract compositions obtained by a combination of fixed and …

Open Source Telematics Timeline

ZKM - Center for Art and Media

netzspannung - media art communication

Cecile Babiolev - "visual artist who has been awarded prizes at festivals such as Imagina and Transmediale for her work in computer graphics and…


Sensors_Sonics_Sights. " Cecile Babiole , Laurent Dailleau, and tau Tanaka create together a dynamic sound/image environment. S.S.S is a trio …

Mutek - International Festival of Music, Sound and New Technologies

mutek - music sound and new technologies. Montreal, Canada

cimatics - international platform and festival for live auido visual arts and vjing

Visual kitchen - audiovisual arts factory

Resource - The Internet Movie Archive....including Prelinger Archives, Open Source Movies