AV Clash - Tag Mash
Edit of screen captures from live sessions using AV Clash: AV Clash (2010) is a project by Video Jack ( ) for creating audiovisual compositions, consisting of combinations of sound and audio-reactive animation loops. The sounds are retrieved from More info: Credits: André Carrilho (visuals); Nuno Coreia (interaction); Gokce Taskan (coding); and community (sounds) AV Clash - Tag Mash from Video Jack on Vimeo .

Aural/Visual Synthesis project Call For Video Art: Aural/Visual Synthesis To Soundlers By Hoop Dreams OPEN CALL FOR VIDEO ART: AN INSTALLATION OF AURAL/VISUAL SYNTHESIS AT MMMICROFESTIVAL — AN EVENING OF MUSIC, MOVEMENT, AND MULTIMEDIA On December 8th, 2010, REDEFINE magazine and InterArts will be curating MMMicroFestival – An Evening of Music, Movement, and Multimedia – at Holocene in Portland, Oregon. The inventive evening will feature cross-disciplinary projects and performances, including four musical acts, three performance pieces, and one video installation. (Complete event details here.) A community-rooted project of aural and visual synthesis, the side room installation will feature an open call for video art. Portland/Seattle-based musical trio Hoop Dr…

POINT LINE CLOUD "POINT LINE CLOUD is a collection of audio and video collaborations between Curtis Roads and Stephen O'Reilly, it has been a ever shifting project over the years which constantly continues to evolve. The first performance of the materials that grew into the project was in 2001 at a concert with Autechre and Russell Haswell in Los Angeles. Since then it has been performed in many diverse venus around the world." Point Line Cloud (selections) from Brian O'Reilly on Vimeo . From Vimeo - description "Beneath the level of the note lies the realm of sound particles. Each particle is a pinpoint of sound. Recent advances let us probe and manipulate this microacoustical world. Sound particles dissolve the rigid bricks of mus…

Visual Music in Montréal - October 2010
October 13, 14, 15, 18, 21 - 2010 A rich array of visual music events featuring film, concert, lecture and live performances of Jean Detheux's visual music works. Jeans visual music works are quite incredible. Jean Detheux's Visual Music in Montréal Visit: for more information Have just viewed Jeans visual music visuals for Phrygian Gates (excerpt) Music - John Adams, piano Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven- simply stunning view excerpt online at:

Ryoichi Kurokawa - RHEO:5

Genesi - live audiovisual - Abstract Bird
Genesi is a live audiovisual show by Abstract Bird. Both the music and the visuals are generated in realtime using the input of two electric instruments (a wind instrument and a piano). More information on Abstract Birds and about this piece Genesi Some stills at: and​photos/​abstractbirds/​sets/​72157624962280404/​ Genesi by Abstract Birds Genesi (trailer) from Abstract Birds on Vimeo . This is a very beautiful work and at present one of my favourite audio visual pieces - ok I do have a lot of favourites, its the quietness and simple shadings - just great. "Abstract birds are Pedro Mari and Natan Sinigaglia, two visual music artists. Their work combines images with sounds through the use of mus…

pixel noizz - PXN_richterizz
Pixel Noizz Influenced by Hans Richter's Rhythmus 21. Pixel noizz developed a plugin to produce richter style video glitches from any input. PXN_richterizz from pixel noizz on Vimeo . View Pixel noizz vimeo channel: Visit pixel noizz blog:

Ted Brickman - Video Mapping
Made in Cornebarrieu near Toulouse. The images were made by Ted Brickman, Dc.olfta, pauline Monnet, Julien Rondot. The soundtrack designed by Julien SanFrancisco. Vimeo documentation of Video Mapping - Mapping "à la maison" Mapping - Cornebarrieu - Toulouse from ted brickman on Vimeo . See Ted Brickman's website - excellent work and thoughts and ideas on VJ and music and sound. In French

Sonar - Gravité, 2009
"Gravité (Gravity) Falling objects synchronized to produce rhythm. 2009" source vimeo page: This is quite brilliant as it demonstrates that a visual music work does not neccesarily have to consist of abstract imagery and music - it can consist of real action footage. However, in a visual music work, the visual and music become like a connected entity - a visual music object. I discussed this idea in my latest paper on Visual music - a composition of the 'things themselves' at the Sounding Out 5 conference held at Bournemouth University, UK. I am beginning to see more works of audio and visual that make such interplays. (authors opinion) Gravité from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo .

Funki Porcini Orange Drop
"A synesthete's bathroom with music." source: vimeo page. The hammond organ in this is quite beautiful. Music and video by Funki Porcini, Bill Drake on Hammond. Orange Drop from Funki Porcini on Vimeo .

Chris Casady - Tongul Torture, 2009
"Chris Casady, known for his energetic abstract graphics and colorful Flash title sequences, has worked in motion picture effects, music videos and TV commercials from his studio in Los Angeles, CA." Source youtube iotacenter channel:

Sensology - Michel Gagné - 1996 to 2010
Many animation techniques were used and experimented with in this film. "Sensology is a short animated film by Michel Gagné that visualizes in abstract form, an improvised musical session by two leaders of the avant-guarde jazz movement, Paul Plimley (piano) and Barry Guy (bass). The film was started in August 2006 and completed in July 2010. ... Sensology was handdrawn (painted) with a Wacon tablet at first, and later, a Cintiq, using Adobe Photoshop. The drawings and frames were then composited and manipulated in a 2D software called Animo. There is no vector animation at any point in the film." Source youtube description:

Seth Olitzky - Flashpoint, 1987
"An experimental animated film that combines computer generated mattes with cameraless animation. Scratch on film and paint on film are combined thru an optical printer using high contrast mattes produced by a computer. The software for the mattes was written by the filmmaker. The film was made in 1987." Source youtube:

Bret Battey - Sinus Aestum (2009)
Bret Battey - Sinus Aestum (2009) Bret Battey is a composer of audio-visual artworks. He uses "custom software and generative techniques to create hybrid sound and image evocations of distinctive ways of being in the world". This work "Sinus Aestum" needs to be seen in high quality visuals and audio. I was lucky to see this work presented in Bath Spa last year. Quite incredible. However, the vimeo excerpt gives you a good idea of the piece. Enjoy. Sinus Aestum (Luna Series #3) (2009) from Bret Battey on Vimeo . "Sinus Aestum (Bay of Billows) is a dark lunar plain articulated by threads of white dust, like tips of flowing and silent waves. Drawing from this image, the sound and image composition "Sinus Aestum" presents on…

Diego Garro - Patah
Diego Garro has just uploaded his piece Patah to vimeo. Do visit this work. This piece is also available in high quality and surround sound for public screenings. The power in this work is the alignment of electroacoustic music composition with a similar spectral approach in the image material - a truly other wordly result but so well matched. Diego teaches on the Music and Technology courses at Keele University, UK. (blog author opinion!!) You can see this video on Diego's vimeo page. Diego Garro - Patah PATAH ver2 from Diego Garro on Vimeo . "Stylistically, this composition is rooted in the tradition of Electroacoustic Music; however, Patah is an investigation into (mainly abstract) spectro-morphologies articulated in …

Summer School Masterclass: Visual Music Collaborative Report
A very interesting workshop on visual music took place July 19 - July 23 2010 at Eyebeam, New York. Summer School Masterclass: Visual Music Collaborative Visual Music Collaborative Workshop - July 2010, New York It was "led by Eyebeam Fellow Aaron Meyers , in collaboration with Re:Group artist, Aaron Koblin and in creative partnership with Ghostly International ...Up to 11 participants will be invited to explore the relationship between music, sound, and dynamically generated imagery and motion. Topics will include sound-analysis techniques, advanced OpenGL programming, and interfacing with mobile control devices. Guest speakers and musicians provide additional insight. The master class culminates in an event where …

Jon Behrens - Pure Cinema
THE PRODUCTION AND DECAY OF STRANGE PARTICLES by Jon Behrens experiments with "creating mats with liquid latex directly on the film emulsion then bleaching off all the excess image around the latex and using the clear bleached sections of film as a canvas to paint my film poem, I used special inks that were custom made just for me called Kenville Dyes I then to re-photographed it all on my beloved JK optical printer. I also created this films sound design. 2008, 16mm color sound 7 ½ min" Source: The Production and Decay of Strange Particles. from Jon Behrens on Vimeo . THE PRODUCTION AND DECAY OF STRANGE PARTICLES In this film I began to experiment more with creating mats with liquid latex directly on the film emulsion the…

Center for Visual Music - VIMEO CHANNEL
The Center for Visual Music has set up a vimeo channel to show excerpts from Films from the Collection of Center for Visual Music archive. Many have been preserved by CVM and/or curated by CVM in programs seen worldwide. This channel is an excellent resource for those wishing to see excerpts from the CVM collection archive and is worth keeping a regular check as more films are added to the channel. It is just wonderful to see William Moritz discuss Oskar Fischinger's work, to see the Lumigraph Film (c. 1969) by Elfriede Fischinger (excerpt). This is a very valuable vimeo channel for fans and scholars of visual music. Center for Visual Music - Vimeo Channel

Visual Music Archive
The Visual Music Archive has been set up by Heike Sperling . This is an excellent online resource for all that is happening in visual music and would be worth bookmarking and coming back to regularly. The layout is really easy to use and follow and this is an exciting resource, that I will definitely be keeping in touch with regularly. Visual Music Archive Heike makes the very interesting points about archiving practice via online means. "Since the Visual Music Archive is not a blog it accumulates slowly and steadily, and shall continue to far into the future. To seek completeness in the field of fine arts seems rather eerie. A wunderkammer, on the other hand, is far more interesting, challenging, and provides inspiring impulses. As a library's in…

Celebrating Elfriede Fischinger on her 100th Birthday: A Benefit Exhibition and Reception
Celebrating Elfriede Fischinger on her 100th Birthday An Exhibition and Benefit Reception for CVM’s Fischinger Preservation and Conservation Project Hosted by Center for Visual Music in collaboration with The Goethe-Institut Los Angeles and The Fischinger Trust "Join us for a celebration of the life of Elfriede (1910-1999), widow of the avant-garde filmmaker and painter Oskar Fischinger . The evening features an Exhibition of selected photographs, artifacts and Paintings by Oskar Fischinger, a Wine Reception, and a Screening of Home Movies, Interviews and Videos of Elfriede. Highlights include Oskar’s first Stereo Painting (1949), The Lumigraph film (1970) by Elfriede, and unshot animation drawings by Oskar. Proceeds from the evening, which includes a si…

First-Ever Vimeo® Festival & Awards
First-Ever Vimeo® Festival & Awards Celebrates Creative Online Video and Opens for Awards Submission Vimeo®, an operating business of IAC , opened the submissions window today for the Vimeo Awards, which honors creative and original online videos and the people that create them. Starting today, people around the world can submit their videos for consideration across nine judged categories. The judges will choose the Best Online Video from the top videos in each category, and that winner will receive a $25,000 grant to produce new work. Videos must have debuted online within the past two years to be considered. Vimeo will announce the winners during an awards ceremony at the close of its two-day festival on October 8-9 in New York City. Additionally, Vimeo will …

Call for Entries 2010 - Visual Music Award
"Call for Entries 2010 The avant-garde-artists of the “Absolute Film” movement worked on visionary film experiments. They created visual symphonies from animated images which they composed on film according to their perception as artists. These were called “paintings in time”, ”visual music”, “symphonies of light and sound”, “cinematic paintings”, “color light music” or “space light art”. Target Groups: The “Visual Music Award 2010” is again an international call for proposals addressing young talents. Invited for participation are young independent creative artists and designers as well as students for example in the disciplines of new media art, experimental film and music video and allied disciplines. In the year 2010, for the second time, we invite …

onedotzero_adventures in motion - 2010 - call for works
"onedotzero_adventures in motion: festival call for submissions! a fantastic opportunity to get your work seen by a like-minded, connected and creative international community. this years festival premieres at the bfi southbank, London 10-14 november 2010 before touring internationally. deadline for receiving entries is 30th june 2010, 5pm. onedotzero are seeking innovative short films, installations, interactive work and live audiovisual performances to showcase at the bfi southbank, london, uk, 10-14 november 2010. the five-day festival is the first stop on onedotzero's extensive worldwide network of events. onedotzero_adventures in motion has been the largest dedicated digital short film festival in the world since 1999. over fourteen years the …

Sara Rossi - Installation "TV effect"
Sara Rossi's beautiful video installation - " TV effect " created in 2008, is being exhibited as part of the " LookAtFestival 2010 " consisting of Video Art and Music, to be held in Italy, from 15 to 30 May, 2010. Sara's video installation caught my eye for the use of three screens and optical effects that remind me of much visual music work. View video excerpt and still images of " TV effect " on Sara's website LookAtFestival info: Sara Rossi website

NGB - video for Jinesis music track "candy"
The new video for Jinesis 's music track candy is available to watch on vimeo. The video is a tight audio visual piece, which focuses on abstract visuals to work with the music.  The video was produced by NGB . The music is by Jinesis and the style is experimental soul.  It is wonderful to see a visual music approach been taken to the video for the music track.  Using processing in conjunction with quartz composer and after effects,  "Candy" explores visuals sonically exuding the 'feeling' of music in a 'synthesized synesthesia'. More information on the video "The Video for Jinesis's slinky audio escapade "Candy" was designed to take geometric lines and patterns and interpret the five senses we feel when in lov…

Chiaki Watanabe - New Live Visual Music Performances - Europe
Chiaki Watanabe is performing new live audio visual performances and installations in May, June 2010 at several visual music and audio visual events in Copenhagan, Denmark and Karlsruhe and Berlin, Germany. "Chiaki Watanabe is a visual artist/designer based in Copenhagen, and New York. She creates abstract visual music works in various forms: video, live video performance and installation. Her work explores cross-sensory experience in a minimalist framework by integrating sound and visual imagery. Known for “hardcore-abstract” visuals. Her interest lies in visual phenomena within music and music within visual phenomena – visual music in physical space - psychophysical effects of visual music - how visual music stimulates the senses."(US/JP/DK) Bio at: ht…

Call for Works - Really Useful Resource
The website netEX - networked experience has a really useful resource page that list forthcoming calls for works that would be relevant in particular to those who create visual music and audio visual work. The page is called "calls and deadlines" and is worth checking into every now and then for opportunities to get your work shown.

Shane McKenna - Moving Lights in D
Shane McKenna is a composer and video artist based in Ireland, who creates the most intricate muscial visual music pieces.  He expolores the use of animated graphic notation to create musical collaboration. His latest piece - Moving Lights in D is a wonderful example of his approach.  It can be viewed on Vimeo and is embedded in this post Moving Lights in D from Shane Mc Kenna on Vimeo . Information about Moving Lights in D "To experiment with processed video footage as an animated score I performed this short piece myself in twenty separate takes on both classical guitar and electric bass. Each track was recorded listening to playback from the previous track only to allow some interaction between parts but a free feeling overall. I stayed within the key …

{R}ake - electro-acoustic music and video
{R}ake A performance series of alternative and collaborative electro-acoustic music and video Event: Thurs April 22 - 8pm Issue Project Room in The Old American Can Factory 232 3rd Street (corner 3rd Avenue) 3rd Floor Park Slope, Brooklyn 718 330-0313 This Month's A/V: Set 1 - Giles Hendrix - Video Set 1 - Richard Lainhart - Music Set 2 - Kamran Sadeghi - A/V Set 3 - Bradford Reed - Music Set 3 - Ursula Scherrer - Video This Month's Message: {R}ake is a performance series of alternative and collaborative electro-acoustic music and video. Performances range from pure improvisation to more structured pieces, with video-artists and musicians working together in exploratory ways. Link for more information on this event More Info:…

Joseph Hyde - Vanishing Point Video - Audiovisual work
vanishing.point from Joseph Hyde on Vimeo . View the wonderful audiovisual work - Vanishing Point by Joseph Hyde. For a really informative account of the ideas explored in the work, visit his vimeo page for the video. Joseph Hyde's website:

Störung Festival 5.0 of experimental electronic music and visual arts
Experimental Electronic Music and Visual Arts Festival/ 21-24.04.2010/ La Farinera del Clot Barcelona "The fifth annual festival of experimental electronic music and visual arts organized by the platform Störung will start next Wednesday 21st of April offering us, during four days, the performances of outstanding national and international artists of the electronic and experimental scene./ Störung Festival 5.0 features, besides the performances of the invited artists, a cycle of conferences, a permanent screening of audiovisual works in the exhibition room, and a thematic day on Friday 23rd of April titled 'Hydrophonia', dedicated exclusively to subaquatic sounds./ With this program the festival wants to offer the audience the chance of getting to k…

FAR - 8 Music Films, 8 Directors, 8 Weeks
A really innovative and innovative concept for the production of thematically and visually connected music films, organised by the acclaimed rock band - Filligar with students from USCs School of Cinematic Arts in L.A. 8 thematically and visually connected videos set to music FAR : a series of eight thematically and visually connected music films. Beginning 3/2/10 one film will be released every Tuesday for eight weeks. These films were written and directed by seven student filmmakers from USCs School of Cinematic Arts in L.A. and one graduate film student from DePaul in Chicago. The 8 videos were produced by Alice Mathias, also a USC grad student. FAR will culminate in the release of a new Filligar album in May. The 8 Directors: Alice Mathias Brian Brown Pete Mi…

rain - audio visual composition - iphone application
"rain is a minimalistic audio visual composition you can play yourself" The iphone application was created by Rainer Kohlberger , a Berlin based freelance visual artist and designer. rain documentation website credits rain was created by rainer kohlberger 2010. sound samples by max kickinger. follow vimeo You can view more work by Rainer on his website

Visual Music: Sensory Cinema 1920s-1970s
Visual Music: Sensory Cinema 1920s-1970s Northwest Film Forum and T he Sprocket Society , in association with Center For Visual Music , present this special series celebrating the history of Visual Music, at Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, April 9 - 13, 2010. Over the past century, there have been a number of prescient artists who’ve approached cinema as a tool for merging visual art and music in order to create a new art form and explore uncharted areas of synaesthetic experience. Through a vibrant history of cinematic experiments, these pioneers have been inventing the concepts, aesthetics, techniques and technologies on which our modern image-and-sound culture is based. VISUAL MUSIC is a rare opportunity to see restored film prints of work by such master animat…

Collection of Visual Music Resources - Amazon
I have only recently got round to compiling some of the books I have checked out (and would like to check out) when researching topics for visual music.  There are also some great DVDs worth getting.  These resources I have compiled into an amazon a store - at present it links to books on the website, but I will be also creating a similar one to link to These resources are not all exactly visual music resources, but they are definitely helpful in any kind of visual music investigations or research or in the broader area of audio visual composition/installation/interaction I have signed up with Amazons affiliate programme, so every link you click from my store and then go onto purchase I get a small percentage.  I am slightly monetising my bl…

The OpenEnded Group: Upending - World Premiere
The OpenEnded Group: Upending - World Premiere A stereoscopic theater performance, which will premiere at EMPAC on March 26,2010 "Upending, a work commissioned by EMPAC and appearing here in its world premiere, is a revelatory stereoscopic theater performance, an actor–less drama of disorientation and reorientation that compels us to rethink our relationship with the material world. Using ordinary flat photographs and processing them with non-photorealistic rendering and stereoscopic HD video, Upending transfigures familiar objects, spaces, and persons in ways that are both beautiful and uncanny. " EMPAC @ Rensselaer 110 8th Street Troy, NY 12180 518.276.3921 http://www.empac.rp…

The Art of Algorithm in the Moving Image by Martin Blažíček
A lecture on the art of algorithm in the moving image. 'The lecture demonstrates, by means of practical examples, the use of algorithmic relationship in the art of moving images, from films and early generative art to contemporary digital techniques... The lecture will include the projection of films by Peter Kubelka, Kurt Kren, James Whitney, Larry Cuba, Dan Sandin and Granular Synthesis.' visit website

VISUAL MUSIC at Mad Hatters' Review
CALL FOR VISUAL MUSIC WORKS - an event to be curated by Jean Detheux (incredible filmmaker visual music artist - see ) Visual Music (event curated by Jean Detheux ) may be described as the art of combining music and moving image into "something" that neither medium can offer on its own. Music can inform images as much as images can inform music. Visual Music manifests its author’s (or authors’) discovery and creation of a novel composition that marries its components in a manner that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. In exploring this Art form, one often encounters two "bad" extremes: one consists of music and images that merely mirror each other in a very literal, redundant way. The other "bad" extreme o…