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The Art of Sound and Light, St Petersburg

SECOND INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE "THE ART OF SOUND AND LIGHT", SAINT PETERSBURG, took place from OCTOBER 18–20, 2021. The conference was online this year.  The conference was organised and hosted by: The Department of Organology inside the Russian Institute for the History of the Arts, the Foundation for support of the audiovisual and technological art “Prometheus” (Foundation “Galeev-Prometheus”) and Sergey Zorin’s Optical Theater.   The three day event was co-ordinated by Olga Viktorovna Kolganova — Department of Organology Scientific Research Scientist, Russian Institute for the History of Art (St. Petersburg). The organising committee was: Olga Viktorovna Kolganova, Anastasia Borisovna Maksimova - Associate Professor of Kazan State Power Engineering University, Jörg Jewanski - Adjunct Professor at the University of Münster, Germany, Serge

AV Clash - Tag Mash

Edit of screen captures from live sessions using AV Clash:

AV Clash (2010) is a project by Video Jack ( for creating audiovisual compositions, consisting of combinations of sound and audio-reactive animation loops. The sounds are retrieved from
More info:
André Carrilho (visuals); Nuno Coreia (interaction); Gokce Taskan (coding); and community (sounds)

AV Clash - Tag Mash from Video Jack on Vimeo.