Visual Music: Sensory Cinema 1920s-1970s

Visual Music: Sensory Cinema 1920s-1970s
Northwest Film Forum and The Sprocket Society, in association with Center For Visual Music, present this special series celebrating the history of Visual Music, at Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, April 9 - 13, 2010.

Over the past century, there have been a number of prescient artists who’ve approached cinema as a tool for merging visual art and music in order to create a new art form and explore uncharted areas of synaesthetic experience. Through a vibrant history of cinematic experiments, these pioneers have been inventing the concepts, aesthetics, techniques and technologies on which our modern image-and-sound culture is based.

VISUAL MUSIC is a rare opportunity to see restored film prints of work by such master animators as Oskar Fischinger, Mary Ellen Bute, Jordan Belson, Robert Breer and many others on the big screen. In addition, we’ll host a panel discussion on Seattle’s own history of visual music in the 1960s and early ’70s.

Center for Visual Music provides three programs:

April 9 - Optical Poetry: Oskar Fischinger Retrospective

April 10 - Seeing Sound: The Films of Mary Ellen Bute (in association with Cecile Starr), and

April 11 - Jordan Belson, Films Sacred and Profane

The series also features two programs curated by NWFF: Seattle Psychedelics and Sixties Synaesthetics

CVM's Director Cindy Keefer will introduce several programs and discuss the visual music of Fischinger, Bute and Belson.

Series curator: Peter Lucas. This program is made possible by a grant from the National Endowment For The Arts.

Series Website:

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Still from Oskar Fischinger's Kreise (Circles) (1933), 35mm, color, sound (c) Fischinger Trust, courtesy Center for Visual Music. Link