NGB - video for Jinesis music track "candy"

The new video for Jinesis's music track candy is available to watch on vimeo. The video is a tight audio visual piece, which focuses on abstract visuals to work with the music.  The video was produced by NGB. The music is by Jinesis and the style is experimental soul.  It is wonderful to see a visual music approach been taken to the video for the music track.  Using processing in conjunction with quartz composer and after effects,  "Candy" explores visuals sonically exuding the 'feeling' of music in a 'synthesized synesthesia'.

More information on the video

"The Video for Jinesis's slinky audio escapade "Candy" was designed to take geometric lines and patterns and interpret the five senses we feel when in love into just 2: audio and visual. Open to the viewers interpretation, the video's Kaleidoscopic effect is intended to unravel the premeditated ideas of set borders when we think of love."


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Jinesis "Candy" (HD) (720p) from Jinesis on Vimeo.

More information on NGB

"NGB is a visualist, interactive designer, and animator living in ROC, NY. A purveyor of raumlichtmusik. His work focuses on a melding of the senses to create a 'synthesized synesthesia'. He has collaborated with international DJs/MCs, bands, composers, and dancers to create a dynamic and engrossing multi-sensual experience."