Silk Road Project

Typorganism - Visual Composer, Experiments on Interactive Kinetic Typography and Communal Interactivity

onModular - Exploring Visuals and evolving patterns based on modular synthesis

Dali - Explore The Exhibition - Moma

Kinetoh - Generative Art Installations
Generative Art Software Installations Kinetoh is an Italy-based group that produces generative artworks. "Kinetoh is a generative-artwork project. Kinetoh's name is born in a random collision between 'kinetic' and 'butoh' , maybe to explain the project's guidelines, but surely because i like this name. A series of software for autonomous generation of high-resolution images. A series of studies about sign, shape and color, according to logical rules in a chaotic system." []

Jonathan Rosen - Animation - Motion - Graphics
Jonathan Rosen - Animation - Motion - Graphics Jonathan Rosen's website provides information and documentation in relation to Animation, Motion and Graphics projects. Quicktime video clips of the works are provided to preview the projects.

V.S Ramachandran's Illusions
V.S Ramachandran's Illusions V.S. Ramachandran is Director of the Center for Brain and Cognition and professor with the Psychology Department and the Neurosciences Program at the University of California, San Diego

SEE HEAR NOW - Moca - Visual Music Event
MOCA - Visual Music - SEE HEAR NOW An experimental music series investigating the synaesthetic resonance between contemporary music and visual art. Carter Tutti - Chessmachine Skoltz_Kolgen present Flüux:/Terminal Tom Recchion with Jonathon Rosen William Basinski & James Elaine "Tom Recchion takes prerecorded tape loops, keyboards, and effects and turns exotica into the kind of music you'd expect to hear in a tiki bar on a 22nd century space station. His performance is accompanied by live video mixing by New York filmmaker Jonathon Rosen. In an artistic sybiosis reminiscent of Merce Cunningham and John Cage, musician and auteur William Basinski and filmmaker James Elaine have created subtle films and music together for over 20 years, with the seamlessly in…

Chessmachine "CHESSMACHINE is a collaborative art project conceived by Richard Chartier (USA) and Ivan Pavlov/COH (RUS). Geographical distance between the two defines the shape of the collaboration ....In similar manner, over the last two years the two players in this "game" have been exchanging their music pieces or "moves," delivered by air mail, each trying to convey their strategy to the opponent. ... " []

MOCA - Visual Music Events
Visual Music - Exhibition Moca "Featuring masterpieces of modern and contemporary art, Visual Music offers for the first time in the United States a chronological exhibition of the relationship between abstraction, color, and music forms as varied as classical, jazz, rock, and electronic... Rather than following a traditional progression of movements and styles, this exhibition presents successive explorations of the idea of synaesthesia. Artists from all over the world are inspired by the concept of synaesthesia, the experience of one sense evoking another, in this case exploring the union of the aural and visual senses. Visual Music explores this concept’s remarkable cross-pollination across time and medium and reveals how the multimedia installations produced t…

Leo Villareal - Corner Light Installation

Leo Villareal - Light Installations
Leo Villareal - Lightscape "New York artist Leo Villareal’s Lightscape (2002)—a large, ten-by-seven foot wall-mounted screen utilizing LED colored lights—incorporates new computer and lighting techniques to build upon the effects of color organs of previous generations. " [Source text:]

Nike Savvas - Installation - Lights replacing sound
Nike Savvas - Anthem Nick Savvas - Anthem - Detailed Screen "London-based artist Nike Savvas’ (b. 1964) Anthem (The Carny) (2003) is a silent installation of disco and theatrical lights that takes the music of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds as its source. Evoking light shows and discotheques, Savvas uses colored lights moving at different speeds to not only represent sound but to replace it entirely." [Source text: ]

Granular Synthesis
Granular Synthesis - Pol Amazing Immersive Video Sound works

Jennifer SteinKamp - video and new media
Jennifer SteinKamp - Visual Music Installation Jennifer Steinkamp is an installation artist who works with video and new media in order to explore ideas about architectural space, motion, and phenomenological perception. [website: ] Jennifer SteinKamp - Loop "Recent explorations employing digital media and installation represent a fulfillment of the tradition while suggesting new directions for visual music. Using multiple video projections and amplified sound, Jennifer Steinkamp (b. 1958) constructed a space where the viewer is immersed in an environment of lights, color, form, and movement synchronized to a sound composition by Bryan Brown. In her work SWELL (1995), three projectors present digital animations of glowing colored starburst f…