Jean Piché - videomusic
Jean Piché - videomusic b (1951) Canada " Jean Piché is a composer who has developed into a video artist over the past few years. His practice meshes moving images and music in a new hybrid form he calls videomusic. In his beginnings as an electroacoustic composer in the 1970s, he was one of the very first Canadians to employ the then emerging digital audio technologies. He has produced works in every genre of electroacoustics for mixed and acousmatic to live-electronics. His work aims for poetic expression beyond any sort of formalism. The work has been alternately described as confounding, colorful and virtuosistic." source text Jean Piché's website provides information, documentation and Quicktime video clips on his videomusic, sound music work.…

Joseph Hyde - Sound and Video Multimedia
Joe Hyde's project Zeotrope 1998 "explores issues around the relationship between people and machines, and questions perceptions of the 'perfection' of technology. It is about use and misuse; abuse, breakdown. " View video and info at: Joseph Hyde's website provides documentation, video clips and audio clips of his projects and collaborations. His work combines media into audiovisual works - electroacoustic music and video, interactive projects etc. He uses digital and electronic media to make sonic and multimedia works, installations and performances. Areas of exploration in his work are the complex interaction of abstract sound and image, and the integration of interactive technology into li…

John Crawford - Dance and hybrid media
John Crawford - videodance, interactive media and performance John Crawford creates hybrid media work that combines live performance of contemporary dance, digital video animations derived from the movement of the dancers, interactive physical environment. He provides extensive documentation of his works, collaborations and provides an excellent portfolio of projects at: Active Space - An Embodied Media Environment Active Space is an interactive physical environment that engages participants in a dialog of mutual influence involving movement, visuals and sound. Developed by video artist and software designer John Crawford in association with choreographer Lisa Naugle and composer Martin Gotfrit, the Active Space is a si…

Edwin van der Heide - Sound Modulated Light #1
Edwin van der Heide - Sound Modulated Light #1 Installation sound modulated light installation screenshot "Sound Modulated Light #1 is an environment of light and sound. The sound is not present acoustically, but is radiated by the lights. The light sources are the carriers of the sound. Every light source in the arranged space has a double role, simultaneously being part of the light design and part of the sound design. The sound is modulated on top of the light by means of intensity modulation. The lights flicker, but mostly at a speed that cannot be perceived by the human eye." source text Photos available at: More projects by Edwin van der Heide at: Update: May 2011 "S…

Clive Holden - 14 film poems
Clive Holden - 14 film poems - Trains of Winnipeg trains of winnipeg is a four year art project by clive holden. It includes a website, a feature-length film, a book and a cd. mpeg-4 video clips and clive holden's website: "Trains Of Winnipeg started life as a multi-media project in 2001. First in the form of a book and audio-CD, followed by the experimental feature screening in Rotterdam, consisting of 14 ‘film poems.’ Winnipeg-based director Clive Holden is a polymath: poet, web-designer and publisher, as well as a filmmaker. All his various talents feed into Trains Of Winnipeg, which includes found footage, home movies and sequences shot on both film and video." source text

Mariele Neudecker - Films in response to Schubert
Mariele Neudecker - Winterreise (A Winter's Journey) A sequence of short films created in response to Schubert's song cycle of the same title. Opera North and Leeds City Art Gallery commissioned Mariele Neudecker to create a visual accompaniment to the music. Mariele is an internationally acclaimed visual artist working in video, sculpture and installation. This is her first collaborative musical project made for live performance. Mariele Neudecker's documentation of the project:

Winterreise: A Winter's Journey - Video Accompaniement
Winterreise: A Winter's Journey - Video Accompaniement by Mariele Neudecker, June 2003 Concert Listing screenshot Update to blog post: May 2011 "Winterreise: A Winter's Journey 8 June 2003 Courtyard Theatre Through music of exceptional beauty, Schubert's Winterreise takes us inside the mind of a rejected lover who travels from the door of his beloved into a frozen landscape of snow-covered roads, hovering crows and deserted villages. Opera North and Leeds City Art Gallery have commissioned a visual accompaniment to the music from Mariele Neudecker , an internationally acclaimed visual artist working in video, sculpture and installation. This is her first collaborative musical pr…

Kronos Quartet - Visual Music
Kronos Quartet - Visual Music screenshot from website [2005] The Kronos Quartet's visual music programme involves a concert/performance faturing the music of Reich, Zorn, Penderecki, Herrmann, Nancarrow, Grey, and others. Several artists have created video projections for the pieces. Premiered at UCLA's Royce Theatre, Los Angeles, California in February 2003 Website: Photos of the Visual Music Concert Photos of the visual music concert are available online at "Visual Music is an audio-visual spectacular, a continuous, unfolding experience that stretches the boundaries between music and visual art. Music, video projections and lighting are integrated in beautiful …

Dennis Miller - 3D Animations
Dennis Miller - 3D Animations and music composition screenshot Real media video clips and of his animations and more information are available at: UPDATE - MAY 2011 New website by Dennis H. Miller documenting his works online at: Here you can preview his Animations, Music and Graphics. Dennis H. Miller - White Noise - 2009 Viewable on the iotacenter youtube channel

John Gerrard - Video Installation
John Gerrard - Video Installation 'Loops, Blips + Flesh' screenshot John Gerrard's Video installation/performance 'Loops, Blips + Flesh' and music composition by Donnacha Dennehy. This work consists of a music score for 6 marimbas by Donnacha Dennehy and a three screen video installation by John Gerrard. Website: Excerpt online at youtube