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I am in the process of building this page, I intend to link to useful video resources, playlists and archives

Center for Visual Music Archive, Library and Gallery

The center for visual music has put an archive online - the Center for Visual Music Patreon Channel that consists of digital copies of original and rare documents and many documents and video clips of films and interviews and other such resources that are of relevance and important for the study and dissemination of a visual music history via the Vimeo Patreon service.  Become a patron to access this archive, one can choose a number of membership options: fan, artist/researcher, associate curator.  There are video clips and interviews with many artists from the history of visual music.

Center for Visual Music Patreon Vimeo Channel

The archive is regularly updated with new material added as the archive grows in time.  However, if you are like me, it is an archive you would like to come back to and view works and documents again and again.  That it is regularly updated is a bonus.

Recent additions as of 16 April 2020 are:
John Stehura, Cibernetik 5.3 (1960-65), one of the first computer films
1920 Vanity Fair article about Thomas Wilfred, plus rare ephemera
William Moritz on Mary Ellen Bute and the Abstract Film (Video Interview)
Commercials by Oskar Fischinger and Jordan Belson
Barry Spinello, Soundtrack
Light show material and video, from the Glenn McKay Archive at CVM
Animation drawings by Oskar Fischinger for the film Kreise
Scroll painting by Jordan Belson
Accident by Jules Engel
Installation shots from CVM's Oskar Fischinger exhibition in Amsterdam
Movement diagrams by James Whitney, for the film Yantra
Muntz TV commercial by Oskar Fischinger
Interview with Elfriede Fischinger (Oskar's widow), Video
Audio interview with Cecile Starr
Len Lye, Is Film Art? [source: link]
Center for Visual Music Patreon Channel:

Visual Music Playlist - youtube - Maura McDonnell

A youtube playlist compiled by blog author and presented here in an embedded player for convenience.  This playlist is based on the authors encountering of works on youtube and acts mainly as a reminder to come back to these works to view again.