Around Perception - Pierre Hebert - Video Clip Online

Norman McLaren - Animated Motion
Animated Notion - Part 1 The first part of this series by Norman McLaren deals only with tempo. It starts by showing the disc travelling in one move (1/24 of a second) from A to B, and progressively demonstrates slower and slower tempos. 1976 ,  09 min 08 s Directed by Norman McLaren Grant Munro Produced by Norman McLaren Grant Munro More Resources Original Post - 31/10/2005 Norman McLaren - Animated Motion Part 1 - Video Clip Real Media See at Amazon PAL non US version Purchase Norman McLaren works at Search for Norman McLaren

Video Nuit Blanche


Synesthesia and Intersense: Intermedia Dick Higgins

Art and Synesthesia by Dr. Hugo Heyrman - Lecture July 2005

Rhythmic Vision by Dennis Roth

The Music Animation Machine The Music Animatin Machine By Stephen Malinowski and Lisa Turetsky

Colour Music by Niels Hutchison

Summer of Love Exhibtion Tate Liverpool - Art of the Pschedelic Era - May 2005 to September 2005

Jeff Wall - A Sudden Gust of Wind - 1993

Bret Battey - Computer-realized video and sound (2005)

The VJ Book - Live Visual Performance
The VJ Book - Live Visual Performances Purchase at Amazon "WHAT IS VJING? It means improvising with visuals, specifically those rendered via projected light. The expression originally referred to the Video Jockey (as a counterpart to a Disc Jockey), but it’s more accurately Visuals Jockey—a general descriptor that encompasses older, non-video avocations such as “running the light show.” Martha Quinn and Kurt Loder notwithstanding, the term VJ, as used here, has nothing to do with appearing on television to introduce advertisements." Source: excerpt from introduction by Paul Spinrad ( link to pdf of introduction ) Website:

Joost Rekveld - Work and Writings
texts and publications by Joost Rekveld: updated links to Joost Rekveld Writings Visit website with links to writings: Original Post: 25 October 2005 Joost Rekveld - Work and Writings and Historical Articles About "Joost Rekveld (1970) has been making abstract films and light installations since 1991, originally starting out from the idea of a visual music for the eye. He has been making most of his animated films with optical and mechanical setups, using the computer as a controller and composition machine in order to orchestrate the precise movements of optical components. His installation making grew out of the tools he developed to make his films, often inspired by the lesser frequented by-ways in the…

Adriano Abbado - wonokromo - work about visual noise - Video Clip

Adriano Abbado
Adriano Abbado's website is now: Example Motion Work KAYUPUTIH Digital animation 2 min. 24 sec. Silent 720p/25 2008, revised 2011 KAYUPUTIH  is a silent abstract animation that continues the research begun with WONOKROMO. I created  KAYUPUTIH  in 2007 and 2008. At first I made several animated sequences. After several months I selected four of them and created three sections and a coda by mixing the four sequences in several ways. All images depict different kinds of visual noise. Source: KAYUPUTIH from Adriano Abbado on Vimeo . Original Post - 26th October 2005 Adriano Abbado - Abstract Animation - Festival

Animation Film - Rachid BOUCHAREB - L'ami y'a bon - 2004

U&I Software

Oerd Van Cuijlenborg - Animation Artist

Chritian Hogue animates soundscapes by Jasper Norda - for addictive tv's mixmaster series = feb 2005 - video clip

Christian hogue animates soundscapes by Jasper Norda - for addictive tv's mixmasters series - feb 2005

Lost in Space - Images of the Future - network of designer,s visual effects artists, and film makers....

Pleix - Music Videos - Quicktime Clips

Central Mosaic 2005 - shadows - projection screen

Yellow Arrow - Global Public Art Project

Tamas Walicky - Landscape

Circulation of French Cinema

Animated Short - Lightmare 2001

waking life - Independant animation

Datacloud - querying the information space

Alain Escalle - Music Video Enigma out from the deep

Alain Escalle and Christian Boustani - BRUGES film - video clip

Center for Advanced Visual Studies

Contour - Video art

Angela Bulloch - To the Power of 4 - systems of rules and ordering principles - structures that organise our surroundings and our behaviour



Aspect - Chronicle of New Media Art

Soundworks by Artists - Images and Narrative - Re-play audio/radio

Trimpin - Phffft, Air-pulsated kinetic sound environment

Willie Williams - Live Entertainment Design

Scott pagano - motion graphics

Excellent Historical Timeline of Computer Graphics and Animation