Jordan Belson - Five Essential Films
Center for Visual Music announces a new DVD release : Jordan Belson - Five Essential Films The DVD includes three classic films: Allures (1961) Samadhi (1967) Light (1973) A never-before released film: Fountain of Dreams (1984), and Belson's latest film, Epilogue (2005) Jordan Belson is one of the greatest artists of visual music. Belson creates lush vibrant experiences of exquisite color and dynamic abstract phenomena evoking sacred celestial experiences. ( William Moritz) Curated by Jordan Belson, Produced by Center for Visual Music NTSC, Region-Free, SD, 4:3, TRT approx 45 minutes $25 private home use, $150 institutions (does not include public performance rights) June 2007 release Purchase at: Belson's bio,…

INTERAKT STUDIO - Božidar Svetek
Božidar Svetek, "a private researcher and video artist, has since 1979 been exclusively concentrating on the connection of music, painting and technics, i.e., the linking of sound and picture. With the onset of modern computer technology, he transfers such »classic« experience into a new medium. In 1996 he took out a patent for a procedure of visualizing a sound event, so that by the help of a new instrument, he »plays« the colour contents of each music work. The new instrument offers a new post-productive expressive form to music, which is accessible to every individual. What is achieved by this is a film quality that opens new concepts and aesthetic extensions united in two human immanences, in a united duration frame of time and space. All the so far accompli…

Soundwaves - Kinetica Museum, Spitalfields, London
Soundwaves - A collaboration between kinetica museum and cybersonica. 18th May - 29th June 2007 London

AWN - Visual Music Article - Jean Detheux
Visual Music Marathon: Musical Fine Art Animation Benchmark by Jean Detheux Excellent article by Jean Detheux, May 24th, 2007 discussing the Visual Music Marathon Event held on April 28th, 2007 in Boston. 13 pages of excellent comments and discussion, with a selection of videoclips from the event online, illustrated with the article.