Aurora Gasull - Un Sourire, on music of Olivier Messiaen
Un Souririe by Aurora Gasull  Auroral Gasull has been working in Visual Music for the last 10 years. Her latest work in ‘ Un Souririe ’ (A Smile) with music of Olivier Messiaen. This is a very beautiful animation, that has many visual worlds presentet to us akin to phrases in music, in which a visual world explores the music world and changes and transforms. Some very evocative scenes, for example, a really lovely expansive scene of colours shapes that work as a whole but which expand and contract into stretched or compressed shapes - lovely motion experiences. From biography on her website 'Born in Barcelona, cellist and member of a number of chamber groups up to 1990, she first approaches visual arts through phot…

A Visual Music Salon - CVM and the Blindspot Project
Visual Music Salon November 18, Los Angeles: A CVM Salon Event, in association with Blindspot Project. Featuring films by Jordan Belson, Joshua Light Show, Mary Ellen Bute, Jules Engel, David Lebrun, Harry Smith, John Stehura, Jud Yalkut, plus contemporary videos by Bret Battey, Scott Draves, Chris Harvey, Christina McPhee, Steve Woloshen and more. 16mm prints and digital, A Visual Music Salon - CVM and Blindspot presented by Cindy Keefer of CVM ; filmmakers Lebrun and Harvey in person. PLUS Live Music by Golden Animals, featuring liquid light show by The Blindspot Project and Joshua Payne Orchestra, featuring live video painting by Ryan Patrick Griffith More information: See Facebook Events Announcement for up to date information…

KIMA by Analema Group and Union Chapel Organ Project, video of performance
Video of performance of KIMA by Analemma Group and Union Chapel Organ Project at Union Chapel From description on Youtube Published on 25 Apr 2015 "In an epochal site-specific performance night, London based art collective Analema Group and the Union Chapel Organ Project transformed Union Chapel’s ornate wooden ceiling into a canvas for real time visual music . KIMA – ‘wave’ in ancient Greek – interprets music as interplay of light and form, an artistic quest for a new reading of sound. KIMA uses mathematical equations of cymatics – sound waves creating patterns on matter to organize sound in visual way. In Mare Undarum, Joby Burgess (powerplant) performed percussion improvisation with Claire M Singer – accompanied by the dancer Estela Merlos (previously at Ramber…

Matt Abbis Animations
Beautiful animations from Matt Abbis From Matt’s website: Matt Abbiss animates, draws and lectures (mainly about animation). Website: Point by Matt Abbis

Analemma Group - KIMA: The Wheel
Analema Group presents KIMA: The Wheel at the London Roundhouse. The audience explores their voices as sound is transformed into visual form. KIMA: The Wheel @ Roundhouse (screengrab from youtube) "Analema Group presents KIMA – Wheel at the Roundhouse. On the 360 canvas of Ron Arad’s Curtain Call, the audience experiences sound as an immersive visual phenomenon. A sound poem, Evgenia Emets’ “Wheel” guides the audience in exploring their own voices.” Source: