Aurora Gasull - Un Sourire, on music of Olivier Messiaen

Un Souririe by Aurora Gasull 
Auroral Gasull has been working in Visual Music for the last 10 years.
Her latest work in ‘Un Souririe’ (A Smile) with music of Olivier Messiaen. This is a very beautiful animation, that has many visual worlds presentet to us akin to phrases in music, in which a visual world explores the music world and changes and transforms. Some very evocative scenes, for example, a really lovely expansive scene of colours shapes that work as a whole but which expand and contract into stretched or compressed shapes - lovely motion experiences.

From biography on her website
'Born in Barcelona, cellist and member of a number of chamber groups up to 1990, she first approaches visual arts through photography, drawing and painting. She gains experience in multimedia with interactive design and does a Master in Musical Creation and Sound Technology (Pompeu Fabra University) and finally specializes in 3D with a Master in Animation and Image Synthesis at the University of the Balearic Islands.
After a few years of work (animations, infographs and graphics for the TV, advertising, architectural representations, virtual sets and virtual characters in real time), she begins to explore the abstract image in movement using music as a theme for animations, as well as learning formal musical language, timber and rhythm of music to develop her visuals.
Currently she is developing a serie of animations that act as portraits in a traditional style. They convey the physical aspect of interior states of mood and of nature through movement and transformation, in perpetual motion and according to a common formal aesthetic, through traditional digital animation tools and code.'
Vimeo Channel Aurora Gasull