Louis M. Brill - Lumia Projections
Louis M. Brill’s "Lumia projections are very special if presented in a very slow undulating movement as the light forms unfold, shape shifting from one sensuous image to another. Often to extend the visual presence of animated Lumia a musical track accompanies the Lumia motion which is no different than adding a musical score to a film. When music is played with a Lumia composition, it adds a narrative, emotional and dynamic presence to the abstract moving light as the mind attempts to synchronize the sound and visuals being presented.” [Source: You can view examples of Louis M. Brill’s lumia projections on vimeo now. Earlier I wrote a post about Louis’s blog Sacred Lumia at where he posted a very useful article on visual music…

David Hockney Exhibtions
There are a number of David Hockney exhibitions taking place soon. The  Metropolitan Museum of Art  is scheduled to exhibit  David Hockney , which showcases the artist. Hockney will also be featured in the upcoming exhibition  David Hockney: 82 Portraits and a Still Life  at the  Guggenheim Museum Bilbao . For more information, such as bio, works, articles and exhibition listings on David Hockney, visit: