Jim Campbell - Electronics Artist
Jim Campbell's website documents his projects and installations. The site is framebased hence you will need to browse through the menus to access information in relation to his works and installations. The categories that he has divided his work into are: | Public Art | Installations | Memory Works | Ambiguous Icons (LED Works) | Illuminated Averages | Objects | Duds He provides movie clips to some of his projects. His Illuminated Averages section is fascinating. "Illuminated Averages are a series of images displayed in light boxes in which each image is created by averaging all of the frames of a moving sequence. For example the first one created was an average of all the frames of the film Psycho. In that work almost 2 hours are collapsed to create one si…

Jeremy Blake
"Jeremy Blake creates continually looping DVDs with sound to be projected or presented on plasma screens. Blake also makes large digital C-prints, as well as small quasi-narrative drawings and paintings. For proper presentation, the DVDs are either to be projected onto a wall using an appropriately specified LCD projector with the image the size of a large painting, or played on a 50-inch wide or larger wall-mounted plasma screen." Jeremy Blake Jeremy Blake - Station to Station 5 Jeremy Blake - Angel Dust 2000 Angel Dust 2000 sequence for DVD with sound for projection or plasma screen 20 minute continuous loop Jeremy Blake - Chemical Sundown

Acme Filmworks
Acme Filmworks This site provides showreels for a number of experimental filmmakers/ animators. Sadly the site is framebased, so to access the filmmakers highlighted here, you will need to go through the various menus. The filmmakers are categorised under various catergories. Here is screenshots of filmmakers that look really interesting. Acme Filmworks - Nibbles by Christopher Hinton Acme Filmworks - Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis - Flash Animation Acme Filmworks - Alain Escalle Acme Filmworks - Oliver Harrison Acme Filmworks - Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck Acme Filmworks - Frank & Caroline Mouris Acme Filmworks - Gianluigi Toccafondo

Alain Escalle - Special Effects and Direction
What can I say, stunning special effects artist and filmmaker Fontevraud - Director Alain ESCALLE, Music Jean-Baptiste BARRIERE Rock de chambre - Jean-Philippe GOUDE. Projections live - Alain ESCALLE Nature Animation

Christian Boustani - Films
Direction:Christian BOUSTANI Visual effects & Graphic design: Alain ESCALLE Cities From the Past: Bruges A Viagem Direction:Christian BOUSTANI Visual effects & Graphic design: Alain ESCALLE

Sue Costabile - Sue C
Sue Costabile Textural Technology. Moving Image Specialist. Video Artist. Photographer. Live Cinema Producer. Live Animation Stunt Woman. Audio-Visual Gaga. Mothership Mother. Urban Gardener. Nature Lover. Teacher. User of max/msp/jitter. Mini Movie Maker. Check Website: Vimeo channel: Vimeo Video Original Post: 08/02/2005 Sue Costabile is a video artist and photographer working mainly in a live improvisational settings. Her set up inlcudes a small camera, a light pad and various drawings, watercolors, photos and found objects which she animates with her hands and a computer program called Jitter. [adapted from texts at following website] Sue Constabile - Transmediale 20…

Tamás Walicky - Media Artist Tamás Waliczky was born in 1959, Budapest, Hungary. He started out by creating animations at the age of nine. Then he worked as painter, illustrator and photographer. He began working with computers in 1983. He was artist-in-residence at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media in 1992, and subsequently a member of the Institute's research staff (1993-1997) before taking up a guest professorship at the HBK Saar , Saarbrucken (1997-2002). The IAMAS in Gifu, Japan, has choosen Waliczky as artist-in-residence in 1998-99. From 2003 until 2005 he is professor at Fachhochschule Mainz . Between 2005 and 2010 he is at HBK Saar again, this time as full time professor. Since September 2010 he is professor at School of Creative…

Jeffrey Shaw and Dennis Del favero - AVIE
AVIE -Advanced Visualisation and Interaction Environment Project Overview Jeffrey Shaw  and  Dennis Del Favero with  Matthew McGinity ,  Ardrian Hardjono  and  Volker Kuchelmeister AVIE  is the world’s first 360-degree stereoscopic immersive interactive visualisation system that includes a motion tracking systems and a multi-channel audio system. Driven by an experimental framework, it uses a suite of cutting edge hardware and software resources enabling the development of applications in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. AVIE  has been installed as  core visualisation infrastructure  at  ZKM , Centre for Art and media, Karlsruhe, Germany, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Rensselaer Polytechnic University, New York,  USA , where it fo…

Jeffrey Shaw - Installations, Interactivity,Virtuality
Jeffrey Shaw - Installations, Interactivity,Virtuality b (1944) Australia Jeffrey Shaw's website provides extensive documentation of his projects and collaborations. His work is also documented on the iCinema website. Projects Configuring the Cave (1996) Computergraphic installation with Agnes Hegedues and Bernd Lintermann iCinema Documentation - Quicktime video clips online Jeffrey Shaw Documentation - Quicktime video clips online note new version of this work reconFiguring the CAVE (2001) documented on iCinema Jeffrey Shaw - ConFIGURING the CAVE "ConFIGURING the CAVE is constituted by seven differentiated pictorial domains. Movement of the puppets body and limbs dynamically modulate various parameters in the image and sound gener…

Antony Raijekov - Mediabox
Antony Raijekov - Audio-Visual Triptych "Mediabox" "MEDIABOX (2004) is an interactive audio-visual triptych that allows the viewer while observing the pictures, to activate and mix different musical instruments and thus generate uniquely composed music." website Video excerpt:

Gordon Monahan - multimedia sound installations
Gordon Monahan - multimedia sound installations - b (1956) Canada Gordon Monahan is a composer and sound artist (Canada) who creates multimedia sound installations and installations. His website provides extensive documentation of his works. "Gordon Monahan creates music, sound sculpture, sound installation, and computer-controlled sound environments that span various genres from avant garde concert music to multi-media installation and sound art." website Gordon Monahan - Speaker Swinging (1982) ...Speaker Swinging is an experiment for three or more swinging loudspeakers and nine audio oscillators in an enclosed space.... website. Quicktime video clip of this work is available at: Visit web…