Jim Campbell - Electronics Artist

Jim Campbell's website documents his projects and installations. The site is framebased hence you will need to browse through the menus to access information in relation to his works and installations. The categories that he has divided his work into are:

| Public Art | Installations | Memory Works | Ambiguous Icons (LED Works) | Illuminated Averages | Objects | Duds

He provides movie clips to some of his projects.

His Illuminated Averages section is fascinating. "Illuminated Averages are a series of images displayed in light boxes in which each image is created by averaging all of the frames of a moving sequence. For example the first one created was an average of all the frames of the film Psycho. In that work almost 2 hours are collapsed to create one single image."

His Ambiguous Icons section "explores the relationship between information and meaning, in the context of reduced or compressed levels of information. These works incorporate the fairly new technology: Red-Green-Blue LEDs allowing each LED to be any color."

Jim Campbell - Electronics Artist

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Jim Campbell - Installations

Jim Campbell - Illuminated Average - Dynamism of an AutomobileDynamism Of An Automobile (after Luigi Russolo), 2003
Digital inkjet print on paper, 24" x 30", Edition of 50

"Dynamism is a suite of four digital inkjet prints created at Graphicstudio in Tampa, Florida. The artist videotaped movement (his motion) of each object for a specific period of time, then used custom hardware to average the multiple frames into one single image."