AV Clash - Tag Mash
Edit of screen captures from live sessions using AV Clash: AV Clash (2010) is a project by Video Jack ( ) for creating audiovisual compositions, consisting of combinations of sound and audio-reactive animation loops. The sounds are retrieved from More info: Credits: André Carrilho (visuals); Nuno Coreia (interaction); Gokce Taskan (coding); and community (sounds) AV Clash - Tag Mash from Video Jack on Vimeo .

Aural/Visual Synthesis project Call For Video Art: Aural/Visual Synthesis To Soundlers By Hoop Dreams OPEN CALL FOR VIDEO ART: AN INSTALLATION OF AURAL/VISUAL SYNTHESIS AT MMMICROFESTIVAL — AN EVENING OF MUSIC, MOVEMENT, AND MULTIMEDIA On December 8th, 2010, REDEFINE magazine and InterArts will be curating MMMicroFestival – An Evening of Music, Movement, and Multimedia – at Holocene in Portland, Oregon. The inventive evening will feature cross-disciplinary projects and performances, including four musical acts, three performance pieces, and one video installation. (Complete event details here.) A community-rooted project of aural and visual synthesis, the side room installation will feature an open call for video art. Portland/Seattle-based musical trio Hoop Dr…