Étude aux allures-1960 - Pierre Schaeffer, Raymond Hains
"This work is the result of a chance meeting between two studies: one sound: a study by Pierre Schaeffer , the other visual: sequences shot by the artist Raymond Hains with fluted lens whose movements multiply and colorful animated graphics." google translate from website link below Link: Article: Aural Vision and Non-Sense – A certain cinema… that one could call concrete on Curating the Moving Image Blog and article post A concrete cinema link

Mark Rowan-Hull - Performance Painting
Mark Rowan-Hull - Performance Painting Mark explores 'the invigorating ephemeral qualities of visual art and the encapsulating of time in Music via performance'.  He creates and performs painting responding to music.   "In order to publicise his ideas of visualising music Mark embarked on a series of exciting performances and events involving painting live on stage responding to music by composers such as Messiaen, Scriabin, Debussy, Shostakovich and George Crumb together with Jazz and improvisation. These performances took place in a wide variety of settings including the Royal Academy of Music, Royal Festival Hall, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club. source: Website:  http://…