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Joe Hyde's project Zeotrope 1998 "explores issues around the relationship between people and machines, and questions perceptions of the 'perfection' of technology. It is about use and misuse; abuse, breakdown. "

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Joseph Hyde's website provides documentation, video clips and audio clips of his projects and collaborations. His work combines media into audiovisual works - electroacoustic music and video, interactive projects etc. He uses digital and electronic media to make sonic and multimedia works, installations and performances. Areas of exploration in his work are the complex interaction of abstract sound and image, and the integration of interactive technology into live performance where he also works with improvisation and sampling. More info available on his website

Blog update May 2011

"Sound is absolutely at the centre of Zoetrope. It is the sound that carries the piece, dictates its form. The video images are forced to conform to ‘musical’ rules, made part of the texture of something that is essentially a piece of music. Sound and image have a complex relationship in the work; not so much mixed as interleaved. They flutter around each other, not quite making contact, but defining one another, by absence as much as presence. They work together to make a meta-texture, highlight aspects of one another, but remain essentially independent."

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Zeotrope Part 1

Zoetrope - part 1 from Joseph Hyde on Vimeo.

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