VISUAL MUSIC at Mad Hatters' Review

CALL FOR VISUAL MUSIC WORKS - an event to be curated by Jean Detheux (incredible filmmaker visual music artist - see

Visual Music (event curated by Jean Detheux) may be described as the art of combining music and moving image into "something" that neither medium can offer on its own. Music can inform images as much as images can inform music. Visual Music manifests its author’s (or authors’) discovery and creation of a novel composition that marries its components in a manner that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. In exploring this Art form, one often encounters two "bad" extremes: one consists of music and images that merely mirror each other in a very literal, redundant way. The other "bad" extreme offers music and images so far apart that they have nothing to do with each other. The components do not inform each other. The paradox of Visual Music is that even if it is very often presented as "New Media," it has been around for a very long time, even predating the invention of cinema by a significant margin. Maura McDonnell has written an excellent article on that subject (pdf document available under the "New Visual Music Essay" title): If you feel that your work accomplishes the mission of “Visual Music,” submit up to two.

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