Diego Garro - Patah

Diego Garro has just uploaded his piece Patah to vimeo. Do visit this work. This piece is also available in high quality and surround sound for public screenings. The power in this work is the alignment of electroacoustic music composition with a similar spectral approach in the image material - a truly other wordly result but so well matched. Diego teaches on the Music and Technology courses at Keele University, UK.
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You can see this video on Diego's vimeo page.

Diego Garro - Patah

PATAH ver2 from Diego Garro on Vimeo.

"Stylistically, this composition is rooted in the tradition of Electroacoustic Music; however, Patah is an investigation into (mainly abstract) spectro-morphologies articulated in both the audio and the visual domains. A possible viewing strategy, which is somewhat in line with the composer’s design, may consider the role of the sonic material in permeating the ‘fractures’ (‘patah’ in Indonesian) of the streaked visual textures and the dramatic effect that results from such interaction."
Source: http://vimeo.com/14112798

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