Call for Entries 2010 - Visual Music Award

"Call for Entries 2010

The avant-garde-artists of the “Absolute Film” movement worked on visionary film experiments. They created visual symphonies from animated images which they composed on film according to their perception as artists. These were called “paintings in time”, ”visual music”, “symphonies of light and sound”, “cinematic paintings”, “color light music” or “space light art”.

Target Groups:

The “Visual Music Award 2010” is again an international call for proposals addressing young talents. Invited for participation are young independent creative artists and designers as well as students for example in the disciplines of new media art, experimental film and music video and allied disciplines.

In the year 2010, for the second time, we invite video jockeys (VJs or DJs) and "live-performance" artists to participate with their formats in the new catagory "visual music live contest"!

Criteria of Evaluation:

The competition entries should show a coherent overall concept accompanied by an holistic multi-sensual and expressive aesthetic based on distinguishable excellent skills in technical possibilities.

Not the application of complex high-end technologies but the artistic value, the originality and the composition will built the focus for evaluation by the jury."
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