Sound and Image Event - Colchester, UK

A unique event encompassing film,artworks, music, live performance and interactive experiences in showcasing the world of *visual music. *Items included range from pioneering work in the field to new pieces created for the evening, from cutting-edge to humorous interpretation and from international prize winning items to local endeavour.

"What does music look like? This is the question that Colchester music lecturer Julia Orpen is attempting to answer at The Headgate Theatre on Sunday 6th December.

The event, entitled “Sound and Image” is part film show, part art show, part concert and is the result of eighteen months personal investigation that has led to both local and global collaboration.
Sub-titled ‘The World of Visual Music’, the series of short films forming the heart of the event include an international award winner and contributions from Australia, Ireland, Austria, Italy and the USA.

Julia Orpen says:

"Experimentation in the possibilities of combining sound and image to create a new art form is diverse and wide-ranging....This event is intended as an exploration into the emerging genre of Visual Music and will range from cutting-edge work to humorous interpretation. There is something here for everyone.”

Music from the following genres will feature: Baroque, avant-garde, psychedelia and jazz

Films being shown include:
D-F-R: Alex Voorhoeve (youtube)
Happy End Von Parov Stelar: Thomas Techert (youtube)
Towards One: Maura McDonnell (youtube)
Nuances for Vox Victimae: Petrinio Bendito (music Didier Guige) (youtube)
13,3,7: 'Servantbass' (youtube)
Flowarama: 'Kildonko' (youtube)
Motion Painting No. 1 : Adam Bruneau

Performers include Bill Bradley, who will present a 21st Century take on a 300-year old approach to visual music, and Katie Taylor (Piano).
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