Svetlana Rudenko - Pianist - Music and Art Concert - Dublin

Concert: Jack B. Yeats AR and other Art Music
Piano: Dr Svetlana Rudenko 
Talk: Prof Mads Haahr
19th September, 2022, 7.30 pm
John Field Room
National Concert Hall, Dublin

Svetlana Rudenko and Collaborators on Music and Art Concert, with Talk/Narrative by Prof. Mads Haahr, Trinity College Dublin presented a concert of Music and Art Music Works

Svetlana Rudenko Music and Art Concert Dublin
Svetlana Rudenko performs an exciting programme of music accompanied by various art presentations, National Concert Hall, Dublin, September 19th, 2022

On Monday 19th September 2022, the innovative and talented concert pianist Dr Svetlana Rudenko performed an exciting programme of music which included a varied and interesting visual art element.  Svetlana collaborated with several artists and computer scientists to provide the art part of the programme.

An original Psychogeography project in which Svetlana collaborated with the Haunted Planet Games Design Company to create an Augmented Reality app exploring the paintings of Jack B. Yeats, as well as contemporary Synaesthete artists along with music compositions composed by Svetlana was presented in a live performance format with narration by Professor Mads Haahr (Trinity College Dublin).  This narration was accompanied by Svetlana performing her original compositions on piano and a slide projection of Jack B Yeats paintings.  

Jack B. Yeats AR and other art music

 Svetlana also presented a programme of piano music from Chopin, Scriabin and Rachmaninoff.   F. Chopin's, Ballade N1 Op. 23,  was accompanied by a projection of a painting done in response to the music by Synaesthete artist Ninghui Xiong. 

Original Painting by Ninghui Xiong, painted and presented to include his
 synaesthetic responses to Svetlana's performance of Chopin's music

Scriabin's Sonata N5 Op. 53 was accompanied by a rich animation that was composed by visual music artist Dr Maura McDonnell (this blog's author), in collaboration with Svetlana.  Two paintings that consisted of both sensory and synaesthetic responses by Timothy B. Layden and Svetlana were used as source material for the animation as well as a range of images that Svetlana imagines when she is playing the music and textures and dynamic colours by Maura.  What was really interesting about this was the range of images, and sensory experiences of three people: namely Svetlana, Tim and Maura were weaved together in the final animation.

Timothy B. Layden's painting that was painted in a live performance in a previous performance by Svetlana on Scriabin's Sonata N5 is about to come to dynamic life in the animation by Maura McDonnell for this concert.

Video's of previous concerts featuring Svetlana's performances and the visuals by Maura can be found on Svetlana's website concert page

Finally, a stunning performance of 7 Rachmaninoff Preludes were performed, accompanied by some text information informing the audience of the stories and imaginings that Svetlana experiences when playing these pieces, inviting the audience to consider these ideas in their listening.

More concerts are planned for the future.  Watch this space.

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