Performing Media Festival - 2023 - South Bend, Indiana

The Performing Media Festival [PMF~2023] is an annual showcase of audio-visual performance works in which artists working with emerging technologies unapologetically cross disciplinary boundaries to create new works of integrated media. Inspired by Debora Bernagozzi’s curated show titled Performing Media: Works by Signal Culture Artists, "Performing Media", as Debora called it, eloquently encapsulates the performance of multimedia works that underpin all the events of the current festival, named after that exhibition. Over the years, co-founders Ryan Olivier and Eric Souther came to define performing media as a genre that uses multimedia elements in a performative manner, which so far has come to include live audio-visual performances, generative media processes, and edits/recordings of real-time captures. This evolving definition of performing media is re-evaluated each year along with the developing medium.

Now in its seventh year, the Performing Media Festival [PMF~ 2023] will feature special guest artist Sabina Covarrubias (PhD), headliners After Ours (Eli Kahn & Arthur Schroeder), electronic music ensemble the Audio Visual Collective, and a full roster of instrumentalists from Ensemble Concept/21 (EC/21). The festival will take place across the city at the South Bend Museum of Art (January 14th - March 19th), on the campus of Indiana University South Bend (Mar 6th - 10th), at the arts incubator Langlab South Bend (March 10th), and on the campus of the University of Notre Dame (March 27th). In addition to our invited guests, over 60 artists were selected from our international call for works to showcase their works throughout the festival. All events are free and open to the public.
South Bend, Indiana

Performing Media Festival
Performing Media Festival, South Bend, Indiana - 2023

SBMA Installation: [January 14th - March 19th] Wednesdays - Sundays 12:00 - 5:00 PM: South Bend Museum of Art

The curatorial staff at the South Bend Museum of Art have installed a collection of works in both the Project Room and Weikamp Galleries, many of which reflect on nature or perform it through media. Weikamp Dot Room Works: Eric Lemmon Astraeus, Allison Tanenhaus ColoBara, Thales Ferreira's exercise to open the sea #1, Gabriel José Bolaños Chamorro's The Grand Transparents, DaVideo_Tape [Dave Mosier]'s EncounterZ IV, Sophia Brueckner's Under One Sky, Steve Bretschneider's Hydrodynamica, Julie Zhu's nadir aux pommes, David Fodel's Nimitta, John Gibson's edgewater, Leandro Limonghi's Al píe del árbol. Project Room Works: Cheryl Pagurek's Dualities and Pluralities, João Pedro Oliveria's Things I Have Seen in My Dreams, Allison Tanenhaus's Breathing and Spectralia, Lyoubov's Genesis perception, Minato Sakamoto's Cooking Fields, Thales Ferreira Sparse Poems, Yuanyuan (Kay) He's StellarScape – Children of the Stars, and Daniel Blinkhorn's frostbYte - chalk outline.

IQ-Wall Installation: [March 6th - 9th] Monday - Thursday 11:00 - 2:30 PM: University Grill, Administration Building, IU South Bend

[PMF~] takes over the 4x4x4k IQ-Wall at IU South Bend for the week to screen a reel of media works, including Alberto Novello's Sphere Degradation, Jiayue Cecilia Wu's Mandala, Willyn Whiting's Framework II, Christopher Poovey's Distant Guides, Sylvain Souklaye's Tinkered Thinking, Bill Alves's Static Cling, Ted Moore's quartet, Matthew Goodheart & Shawn Lawson's Berlin Head Metal IV, Maxwell Miller's Danaus Plexippus, Mark Cetilia's Sytimox, Paolo Pastorino's Burning inside, Anıl Çamcı's Vylderness Worldmaking through Modular Synthesis and VR, David Fodel's Drift, and Katie Jenkins Monologue for Solo Vocalizing Cellist.

IQ-Wall Artist Meet & Greet: [March 9th] Thursday 5:00 - 6:00 PM: University Grill, Administration Building, IU South Bend

Festival welcome address and introductory remarks featuring interactive media works by Eric Lemmon (Politics I) and Lark Spartin (DIstant Distraction, Foul Breach, Separate Sensation) at the 4x4x4k IQ-Wall. This will be a great opportunity to meet festival artists and those who worked to put the festival together.

EC/21 Performance: [March 9th] Thursday 7:00 - 9:00 PM: Louise E. Addicott & Yatish J. Joshi Performance Hall, IU South Bend

A concert of media works featuring Ensemble Concept 21 (EC/21) performing Ryan Olivier's NST: Non-Sustainable Token, Aaron Israel Levin's This is the one with the videogame violence, Rodrigo Pascale's Malleable, Antonio Sanz Escallón's Branches, Cecilia Suhr performing her own work Paradigm Shift: Tapping into the Quantum Field, and fixed media works by David Bird (what glows is fuchsia), Patrick Reed and Jae-Eun Sun (A Long Day), SiHyun Uhm (Splash of Colors), and Bret Battey (Estuaries 4), as well as documentation from Natasha Bogojevich's live score to Lisa Barcy's film The Ephemeral Orphanage.

Special Guest: Sabina Covarrubias [March 10th] Friday 12:00 - 12:50 PM
Louise E. Addicott & Yatish J. Joshi Performance Hall, IU South Bend

Don't miss this keynote presentation by [PMF~ 2023]'s special guest artist Sabina Covarrubias (Ph.D.). She will present a live performance work with visuals in multichannel surround sound and be available to discuss her work after the performance.

Langlab ft. After Ours: [March 10th] Thursday 7:00 - 11:15 PM: Langlab South Bend

This evening of performances and celebration features a combination of local artists and international guests with screenings, installations, and live concert sets. Grab a drink and some food and take in the art at this community gathering of performance media! Artists include IUSB's Audio Visual Collective performing Wesley S. Uchiyama-Penix's The Border of Wind, screenings of Mark Sniadecki's Nematodes, Addison Bird's Sticking Your Head in the Rabbit Hole, Zhang Yinan's Rain-ball, Austin Yip's This is All About That Monster, Andre Perim's ID, Maura McDonnell's Digital Alchemy, Jérémie Martineau's Distractions, Horizons, and Kian Ravaei's Outcry. There will be a performance by Minneapolis-based duo John C.S. Keston and Mike Hodnick performing their work SYNTAX, Eric Souther returns with his partner Jason Mullen to perform a new work of theirs. There will be solo performances by livvy94 (with SNES), Edmar Soria [Homeomorphism Phi(0)], and (Impromptu). Between sets, be sure to check out Nick LeJeune's projection installation, Indiscrete Entities. The evening will close with a performance by headliner After Ours (Eli Kahn & Arthur Schroder) with visuals crafted by Eli Kahn and performed by Ryan Olivier.

POSTLUDE: A Photosonic Mass: [March 27th]: Monday 8:00 - 9:00 PM: LaBar Performance Hall, O'Neill Hall, University of Notre Dame

POSTLUDE, the brainchild of Kari Francis, explores themes of ritual, space, and musical assemblage by connecting different settings of the Catholic mass by Satie, Rautavaara, Pärt, Snider, Byrd, and Bray into a single ceremony. Featuring lighting design by Performing Media Festival alum Alex Christie, POSTLUDE offers a secular reimagining of the mass liturgy with electronic interludes by IU South Bend's Audio Visual Collective created specifically for the LaBar Performance Hall.

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