Digital Alchemy - Visual Music Work

Digital Alchemy is titled after the eighteenth century alchemy chemistry practices to create precious metals. In this digital abstract world, you are brought on a journey into the transformation of textures, colour and timbre in visuals and music. There are two anchor points in this motion surface, as two vertical lines offset and near the edges, that holds this surface of multiple gossamer threads of visual alchemic material, consisting of softness and sharpness are side by side. Perfect geometries merge with chaotic micro motions. The music is a composition by Cobi van Tonder, titled 'Gala', which consists of micro tones, vibrations of varying intensities, macro gestures. Both visual and music works consist of colours that shift and change with intensity and dynamic changes while other parts are still.

Digital Alchemy
Visuals: Maura McDonnell Music: Cobi van Tonder Year: 2018 Medium: Digital Video Genre: Visual Music; Abstract Digital Film; Experimental Film; Music and Art; Art Installation

I have made this video public on vimeo for the summer period. I created this visual in 2018 in collaboration with Cobi van Tonder and discussions with her on a selection of her micro-tonal music compositions. I picked her piece 'Gala' to work with for a visual music treatment. I loved creating the visuals for Cobi's meditative and evocative music. Cobi is an amazing music composer and all round talented person. Her music is beautiful. After listening to her music, I was drawn to certain colours and textures and motions, resulting in pink and an alchemy of gold. (c) visuals copyright Maura McDonnell (c) music copyright Cobi van Tonder Cobi van Tonder #mauramcdonnellart #visualmusic #abstractfilm #irishartist #experimentalfilm

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