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Kronos Quartet - Visual Music

Kronos Quartet - Visual Music

screenshot from website [2005]

The Kronos Quartet's visual music programme involves a concert/performance faturing the music of Reich, Zorn, Penderecki, Herrmann, Nancarrow, Grey, and others. Several artists have created video projections for the pieces. Premiered at UCLA's Royce Theatre, Los Angeles, California in February 2003


Photos of the Visual Music Concert

Photos of the visual music concert are available online at

"Visual Music is an audio-visual spectacular, a continuous, unfolding experience that stretches the boundaries between music and visual art. Music, video projections and lighting are integrated in beautiful and unexpected ways." bleep from perth ticket sales for concert.

The visual music programme by Kronos Quartet is no longer documented on their website (which is a pity!!). However an interesting review of the programme is here: