The Visual Music blog gathers snap shot of websites that document work, artists, filmmakers, composers, musicians, video artists, exhibitions, call for worlds and events that work with the art and medium of visual and sound. All forms and presentations are considered. This blog contains an extensive archive as it has been active since 2005.

Yolande Harris - media artist and composer

Yolande Harris - media artist and composer.

"Yolande is a composer and media-artist working with sound, image and space in a technologically extended environment. She proposes a radical notion of the musical score and uses technology in her work as the means through which to understand the electronically extended spaces we inhabit." (artist statement on website)


Example Project highlighted here.

A Collection of Circles (or Pharology)
Interactive Sound Installation at: CCNOA (Centre for Contemporary Non-Objective Art)
Earwitness Sound Art Series, Brussels January 2005

Light Phase
performance for video, voice, sound and sensors:
Video Dance Festival, International Film Festival Thessaloniki Greece 2005

Sound, sensors, video installation
Studio 219, Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht
27 - 30 September 2005