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Seeing Sound Symposium - Bath Spa University - UK

Practice-led Visual Music Research Symposium, Bath Spa University, 19/20th Sept 2009

"Bath Spa University’s Center for Musical Research hosts an informal two-day symposium exploring a broad range of multimedia work highlighting the relationship between sound and image. Areas such as visual music, abstract cinema, experimental animation, lumia, cymatics, live audiovisual performance and relevant installation work will be examined and explored."

The excellent programme organised by Dr Joe Hyde consisted of papers/presentations, performances and screenings. The mix of screenings, talks, papers and performances made this a really rich event and a wonderful opportunity to see and hear the work that is being created now in the area of practice-led Visual Music Research and to hear in detail how this is being done across many universities and various research activities in the UK, US, Ireland, Germany. Screenings came from a mix of historical works and cutting edge contemporary work.

Having just returned from the event, it was a great opportunity to see talks and work currently being created being shown by the researcher/artist/composer at the same time. For example, several papers presented were followed by screenings and performances.
The event also screened historical works and it screened a full and rich historical screening programme. Works from historical filmmakers and pioneers such as en extensive screening of Mary Ellen Bute's classic visual music films in the Mary Ellen Bute retrospective screening and an extensive screening of Oskar Fischinger's films in the Oskar Fischinger programme, were shown. The Mary Ellen Bute retrospective was also discussed in a paper by Sandra Naumann (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research, Linz, Austria) – Seeing Sound: Mary Ellen Bute’s Short Films. This paper really brought forward Mary Ellen Butes historical works as a really relevant and important historical figure in the area of Visual Music.
See the screenings programme at:

Jon Pigott -
Keele University - Music & Music Technology - Audiovisual composition
Bret Battey
Mick Grierson
Lumisonic (developed by Dr Mick Grierson)
Zai Tang
Stephen Callear - Cirrus
llias Bergstrom
Onar3D - Maria Louiza - HD (vimeo)
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski - Oils Dream
Theo Burt - Colour Projections
Jon Aveyard – Explorer and More
Kathy Hinde
Dr Tim Howle (University of Hull)
Electroacoustic Movies
Light Form Movement Sound - a research by Seppo Gruendler and Cordula Boesze completed by Sandra Naumann
Jordan Belson
Larry Cuba
Jean Detheux
Adriano Abbado
Adriano Abbado – Kayuputih
Richard Lainhart
Richard Lainhart - Pneuma (Vimeo)
Bret Battey - Sinus Aestrum
Joseph Hyde (Seeing Sound Symposium Organiser)
Joseph Hyde – End Transmission (Vimeo)
Diego Garro - Performances
Steve Bird
Oskar Fischinger Trust and Archive
Nam June Paik and John Godfrey - Global Groove
Tim Skinner
Amanda Belantara - Ears are Dazzled, touched by sound
Nick Cope / Tim Howle – In Girum
Bonnie Mitchell / Elainie Lilios – 2B Textures
Karen Lauke – Copper Vibrations
Olga Mink/Scanner – trespassing (extract from Nature of Being) (Vimeo Link)
Olga Mink
Rajmil Fischman – ¿Te Acuerdas Hijo?
Andy Willy
Donnacha Dennehy (Music) Hugh Reynolds, Gerry O Brien (video) Performance by Crash Ensemble - Junk Box Fraud (vimeo)
Neil O Connor - The Glistening Bridge (youtube video) - (youtube recording of live performance)
Paul G Smyth - Red Film
Paul O Donoghue - Above the Thunder Clouds (Vimeo)
Fran Hartnett - Navigating the Pearl System (youtube) - Ogham Tone (youtube)
Shane McKenna (Vimeo)
Amanda Feery, Dream Machine (youtube)
Jane Cassidy, The Night after I Kicked It – youtube – (no audio)