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The Aeonchild Visualist Project

Jt Root, music-visualist and VJ known as Aeonchild, works out of Boulder, Colorado as a Production Designer and Live VJ Performer. Recently has created a visualist piece - The Aeonchild Visualist Project, a commissioned work by Ballet Nouveau Colorado's production of "Love in the Digital Age".

I am very taken with the term 'visualist' or 'music-visualist' that Aeonchild uses to describe his process of interpreting music, here is a quote from his website explaining this term.

"Aeonchild’s work re-interprets music into a visual language, spinning cosmic messages with symmetrical precision. Through the use of motion graphics, video, light and color, he mixes futuristic visions with ancient symbols of sacred geometry. The result is a visceral experience that fuses sight and sound while teasing the senses with visible rhythms."

The Aeonchild Visualist Project
"Opportunity" by Brasstronaut

Love in the Digital age is a "wickedly passionate collision of dance and multimedia reveling in the most irresistible, intoxicating force on the planet: LOVE."
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