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Johnathan Gillie - Moving Image

Johnathan Gillie's animations are such surreal worlds which animate in the most unusual manner where many things exist at different times and in different spatial locations with their own temporal appearance and disapearance, for his work 'Ways of seeing' he considers the physiological processes involved in the act of seeing itself. Very beautiful and intriguing work.

Ways of Seeing

A Broken Bell 
He has been working in Moving Image since 1995. Is involved with Trampoline Multimedia 1997-2000 and is one half of av_dv 1999-2004. He is currently employed as Senior Technician in Moving Image Dept of NTU.  His current practice involves video, animation, computer graphics and sound production.

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Johnathan Gillie - [Creative Journal Website] [Vimeo]


Ways of Seeing

Ways of Seeing from Jonathan Gillie on Vimeo.
Information about Ways of seeing from vimeo page.
"Ways of Seeing is an experiment using a strobe process to render an animated image. Although the work seems constantly busy, actually very few of the frames exist in the the same space at the same time. Rather there is a succession of images in very quick order, giving the impression of a full and constant composition. The images themselves are combination of old and unused sketches. The title Ways of Seeing references the work of the author John Berger in which he examines our visual relationship to art and the world around us, however the intention of this particular sketch was to consider the physiological processes involved in the act of seeing itself. The sound which became the anchor for much of the editing within the animation was produced on a Roland SH-01."

A Broken Bell

A Broken Bell from Jonathan Gillie on Vimeo.
Information by Jonathan on A Broken Bell from his vimeo description
"This is a composite of various sketches and processes I have worked with recently. The starting point came, for the first time, from a painting I made earlier in the year which makes up the back left area of the animation. From that starting point I simply allowed the animation to develop as necessary to the composition, in that respect it is as intuitive a composition as it could be under the slow process it went through. There was an underlying desire to represent more 'organic' elements within the animation but not a complete break from a geometric digital style.
The sound was worked on independently of the animation. This is a continuation of my work with field recording of Japanese Temple Bells, this particular piece is a composition made up from the resonances produced directly after the bells are struck. According to Eliane Radigue this is where the 'play' is and for a period I enjoyed the fact that although the sound stems from bells made in the 8th - 17th Century, the resonance is such that it could almost be electronic. The recordings also contain the incidental sound of the surrounding enviroment, children, birds, rain, trees, crickets, as well as the chanting of monks themselves. It's representational and organic and in direct contrast to the abstract and obviously digital mark-making of the animation, this pulls the interpretation of the composition towards something organic but alien or exotic."