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A Visual Music Salon - CVM and the Blindspot Project

Visual Music Salon
November 18, Los Angeles: A CVM Salon Event, in association with Blindspot Project. Featuring films by Jordan Belson, Joshua Light Show, Mary Ellen Bute, Jules Engel, David Lebrun, Harry Smith, John Stehura, Jud Yalkut,

contemporary videos by Bret Battey, Scott Draves, Chris Harvey, Christina McPhee, Steve Woloshen and more. 16mm prints and digital,

A Visual Music Salon - CVM and Blindspot

presented by Cindy Keefer of CVM; filmmakers Lebrun and Harvey in person.

PLUS Live Music by
Golden Animals, featuring liquid light show by The Blindspot Project and Joshua Payne Orchestra, featuring live video painting by Ryan Patrick Griffith

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They will be screening screening the Single Wing Turquoise Bird Light Show film (1970) from archive