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KIMA by Analema Group and Union Chapel Organ Project, video of performance

Video of performance of KIMA by Analemma Group and Union Chapel Organ Project at Union Chapel

From description on Youtube
Published on 25 Apr 2015
"In an epochal site-specific performance night, London based art collective Analema Group and the Union Chapel Organ Project transformed Union Chapel’s ornate wooden ceiling into a canvas for real time visual music. KIMA – ‘wave’ in ancient Greek – interprets music as interplay of light and form, an artistic quest for a new reading of sound. KIMA uses mathematical equations of cymatics – sound waves creating patterns on matter to organize sound in visual way.
In Mare Undarum, Joby Burgess (powerplant) performed percussion improvisation with Claire M Singer – accompanied by the dancer Estela Merlos (previously at Rambert Dance Company). The second piece, Axis Mundi, brought together Robert Ames, London Contemporary Orchestra’s artistic director and Laura Moody (Elysian Quartet) and Claire M Singer on the organ. The evening came to a close with an sublime and elevating performance by Emily Burn (Voice) who created a celestial vocal scape to Claire M Singer’s mesmerising crescendo and KIMA’s visual firework inside the Union Chapel’s architecture."

From blog article: KIMA – a multi-sensory immersive project at Union Chapel

Blogpost article on Analema Group website

KIMA – a multi-sensory immersive project at Union Chapel

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"Evgenia Emets, founder of Analema Group explained how visual music helped to reveal the 1877 Henry Willis Organ, hitherto hidden for the audience behind the screen. The collaboration with the Organ Project and Claire M Singer, Music Director at Union Chapel evolved to inviting some of contemporary music’s foremost talents. With Analema Groups expertise in extending musical and visual experiences led to a spectacular live interpretation of sound as light at Union Chapel."