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Louis M. Brill - Lumia Projections

Louis M. Brill’s
"Lumia projections are very special if presented in a very slow undulating movement as the light forms unfold, shape shifting from one sensuous image to another. Often to extend the visual presence of animated Lumia a musical track accompanies the Lumia motion which is no different than adding a musical score to a film. When music is played with a Lumia composition, it adds a narrative, emotional and dynamic presence to the abstract moving light as the mind attempts to synchronize the sound and visuals being presented.”


You can view examples of Louis M. Brill’s lumia projections on vimeo now. Earlier I wrote a post about Louis’s blog Sacred Lumia at where he posted a very useful article on visual music. You can visit that post here.

In this blog, Sacred Lumia, he has explored the process of Lumia and how it fits into the world of art, cinema and culture as a visual medium of appreciation

Sacred Lumia Blog

View: Dawn’s Early Night

Article by Louis M.Brill

The Art & Science of Lumia Projection
"The realm of Lumia creations falls into two worlds that combine into a single presence of illuminated visual art. The first world is of science where Lumia is defined by optics, varying light sources, kinetic mechanics, computers and the kludging of a various collection of unknown widgets that all come together as a mechanical marvel of projected illuminated luminazation.

"And then there is the art, a dance of visual poetry defined by the imagination of the viewer. Tuned in and turned on, the resultant Lumia imagery leaves no doubt that its presence is mystical, transcendent and unique – its wispy cloud-like imagery becomes a portrait of speculation and wonder as sometimes the projected imagery resembles nothing but an abstraction of animated light.”