The Visual Music blog gathers snap shot of websites that document work, artists, filmmakers, composers, musicians, video artists, exhibitions, call for worlds and events that work with the art and medium of visual and sound. All forms and presentations are considered. This blog contains an extensive archive as it has been active since 2005.

New Online Resource - CVM Collections and Archive - Patreon Channel

The Center for Visual Music (CVM) has set up a a library, gallery and archive of the history of Visual Music at Patreon.

Become a member at a range of prices to access exclusive content of relevance to the history and contemporary practice of visual music.

More info on CVM's collection

"has the world’s largest collection of Visual Music-related materials. The collections include papers, films and artwork by Oskar Fischinger; the original research collection of animation historian Dr. William Moritz, and collections covering the history of Visual Music: artists, exhibitions, theories, color organs, vintage instruments, Expanded Cinema, performances, historic events, 1960s psychedelic light shows and more." [source]

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