ARTIST: L. P. Ponor and MUSICIAN: Nick Janczak - "There Is No More There Any More" - Art Music/Collaborations.

Check out the exquisite experimental animations created by artist: L.P. PONOR and musician: NICK JANCZAK for their art/music and video projects.  Their recent collaborative project - "There Is No More There Any More" can be viewed on their website for the project.

MESH: L.P. Ponor and Nick Janczak (trumpet + final mix)

L.P PONOR are a visual artist (L.P. Ponor) and a musician ( Nick Janczak) who have been making collaborative work with others for the past seven years are working on new collaborative art music collaboration projects. Previously to this, they worked for many years as a visual artist (painter) and a musician on their own projects. They are British but both have (independently), connections to Scandinavia, were they both have worked, studied, exhibited and made music. 

When they met up for the first time in the UK, the similarities in how they worked and thought about the connections between art and music making and the conversations they subsequently had about this, inspired then to start their latest collaborative process/project.

Their blog details the processes of their collaborative work:

The visual art aspects are written about in another blog titled PONOR, where L.P. Ponor writes about art/music projects and collaborations with musicians. In particular she works with improvising musician Nick Janczak.

Art statement on Ponor's blog

“…Currently I make two things. I make physical works, oil paint/canvas/objects and I make digital images some of which I like to make move about – where these two main areas touch is my personal Point Of No Return. P O N O R blog is where I post and where I try to place myself firmly outside my comfort zone.  Being constantly curious/questioning, is an insanely optimistic stance, it makes things a little chaotic at times. Hopefully what I end up with, after all the processing, reflects my current obsessions…” 

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Tiny details imperceptible to us decide everything


The video works showcased on vimeo are produced by L.P. Ponor (video and art visuals) and Nick Janczak (produces and mixes music).  Each work references the original soundtrack also.


No 37. in an ongoing ART/MUSIC video collaboration: Roger Harmar - original track; Peter Thörn – additional track; Nick Janczak – trumpet + final mix; L P Ponor – video

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