Visual Music Artists

Just starting this list, it is by no means exhaustive and I will be adding to this asap
If you have any suggestions please do get in contact


Alba G. Corral
Alberto Novello - a.k.a. JesterN
Aaron F. Ross
Andrew Hill
Antonio Brech
Baerbel Neubauer
Betsy Kopmar
Bret Battey
Brian Evans
Brian O'Reilly
Bonnie Mitchell
Chiaki Watanabe
Chris Cassady
Christina McPhee
Claudia Rohrmoser
Dennis H. Miller
Diego Garro
Edgar Barroso 
George O.Stadnik
Harvey Goldman
Ishu Patel
Jack Ox
Jane Cassidy
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski
Jean Detheux
Jim Andrews
Jim Ellis
Joe Hyde
Jon Behrens
Joost Rekveld
Jaroslaw Kapuscinski
Kurt Laurenz Theinert
Larry Cuba
Maura McDonnell
Max Hattler
Michael Scroggins
Michael Theodore
Neil O'Connor
Nick Cope
Oerd van Cuikjlenborg
Paul O' Donoghue
Paul Prudence
Pierre Hébert
Robert Seidal
Rosa Menkman
Ryoichi Kurokawa
Scott Draves
Scott Snibbe
Stephanie Maxwell
Steven Woloshen
Maurice Wright
Tony Brooks
Vibeke Sorenson
Vishal Shah

Groups, Collectives and Collaborative teams


Curators, Archives, Organisations, Advocacy and Preservation

Center for Visual Music (CVM)

Historical Filmmakers and Inventors

Walther Ruttmann
Viking Eggeling
Hans Richter
Oskar Fischinger
Charles Dockum
Thomas Wilfred
Norman McLaren
Len Lye
John Whitney
James Whitney
Hy Hirsh
Jules Engel
Robert Breer
Jordan Belson
Mary Ellen Bute


Punto Y Raya Festival

Punto Y Rya Festival – The Festival of the Dot and the Line

Camp International Festival for Visual Music

Visual Music Award

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