The Visual Music blog gathers snap shot of websites that document work, artists, filmmakers, composers, musicians, video artists, exhibitions, call for worlds and events that work with the art and medium of visual and sound. All forms and presentations are considered. This blog contains an extensive archive as it has been active since 2005.

Australian Cinémathèque - Visual Music - 2008

This is a past Visual Music event held in Queensland  Gallery of Modern Art in 2008.  The website documenting the Visual Music program screened is really useful as it provides an excellent overview of historical works in particular with a really useful list of their films, each filmmaker/artist is linked with a page overviewing their work and listing the films screened for the Visual Music program.  The website also provides information on the curators for the event - a really useful resource on Visual Music. (Author comment)

Visual Music - 28 March – 1 June 2008 

"The cinematic genre of Visual Music draws on elements of form, colour and rhythm in music and images to create visual symphonies. Working with abstraction and figuration, gesture, pitch, beat and palette, filmmakers have explored the dynamism of sight and sound synaesthesia - hearing colour and line, seeing rhythm and tone - through innovative techniques and aesthetics. The Australian Cinémathèque’s Visual Music program includes an extraordinary range of approaches to this genre, from the Silly Symphonies, early Walt Disney musical animations, to retrospective programs of visual music pioneers, selections of rarely screened classics and contemporary works...."

Works shown by:
Alexandre Alexeïeff and Claire Parker
Saul Bass
Jordan Belson
Stan Brakhage
Mary Ellen Bute
Oskar Fischinger
Len Lye
Light Play: Visual Music Pioneers
Norman McLaren
Rare Classics: Essential Visual Music
Soundfields from the Netherlands
Bärbel Neubauer
James and John Whitney

"The Australian Cinémathèque, located at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, presents retrospective and thematic film programs and exhibitions, exploring the important lines of influence between the moving image and other areas of visual culture, and showcasing the work of influential filmmakers and artists. Its mission is to collect, conserve, present and interpret film and screen culture."