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Staub Leben - Live reactive environment.

Arístides García
Staub Leben - Live reactive environment

This is quite incredible - in its drama, and visual impact and performance.

 Staub Leben Vimeo Link


Staub Leben from lasal on Vimeo.

Credits for project on vimeo link

 "UdK Berlin, Intermediales Bewegungslabor.
Campus-Kollision, Januar 2012, HZT-Uferstudios.

Prof. Nik Haffner: Projektleitung.
Arístides García: Projektleitung, Konzept, Programmierung.
Nikola Pieper: Technische Leitung.

Emilia Pfohl, Marine Bertrand, Hanne Müller, Marieke Hohberge, Swann Nowak.

Juan Gabriel Harcha : Tanzer.
Hannes Mück : Kamera."

Arístides García - website link